i'm hawwa. twentyone on the outside, ninety on the inside. i study history, make art (& zines), take photos, make sarcastic comments 24/7 and play basketball sometimes. 
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  1. Hiya, just started following you!
    Check out my blog: www.aplaceonthebookshelf.blogspot.com

    Charl x

  2. I'm following you know and very proud of it! Great, great work going on here!! Don't know if you've already done this, but if you like my Facebook page, then you'll get a better update of the things I do and also anything and everything related to books and illustration. Have a look and keep up with this amazing blog. You are quite something special!!

  3. I wasn't quite sure here to put this, but I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!

  4. Hey! Your blog is beautiful and one of my all-time favourites, content and look wise. I was just wondering if you designed your blog yourself?


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