'Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen' V2 / EVENT

18 November 2018

Whenever I go to an art gallery, I tend to feel uncomfortable. All that white space, 'DO NOT TOUCH', everyone whispers, you feel like you're walking on eggshells; someone stares if you speak too loudly. The idea of creating a space for art - live art, immersive art, diverse art born from a huge range of different mediums - from young people mostly devoid of the opportunity to exhibit their work due to a lack of access or lack of budget, seemed honestly pretty terrifying. Not because I didn't want to do it, but where to start?

GEN-SEC CAMPAIGN ART / the process

03 March 2018

I very rarely create focused work specifically for a project, probably because i'm too worried I won't have the 'right' ideas or 'good' ideas and then i'll just be a disappointment for years to come and cry myself to sleep at night and hibernate for a month & - yeah, you get the gist.


16 September 2017

I went to London. It was expensive and amazing and sunny and wet and I finally met Amber aka the girl I have probably known longer than any of my friends in real life (what friends? yeah yeah I know I don't have any otherwise I wouldn't be writing this I'd be living life to the fullest and going on road trips and travelling the world with them.) She looks even shorter in real life than on camera, she could definitely pass for a twelve year old and honestly she made me feel like I looked my age for once, I'm usually the twelve year old of the group.

attempting to art

09 July 2017

is actually harder than it looks? whenever i mentioned to anyone with vaguely traditional views on education that i was a (admittedly temporary) art student they'd either dismiss it as an easy option (if they were a fellow student), or wax lyrical about the benefits of doing a science related/vocational degree. but hey, guys, people everywhere who think art is an easy subject to study, it is not. 

I-Am-A-Normal-Nice-Muslim-Girl Club

16 June 2017

it's been a while, again. but no apology is going to grace the internet world because a. it's been so long people no longer read this so it'd be a waste of time, and b. i'm not sorry anyway. I always feel a mixture of emotions whenever I read someone else's internet apologies on a blog I love - not drawing a completely realistic analogy here as i'd rather not assume people love this blog either - call me a self-critic (and you're probably right). but I always wonder why. because yes, as a blogger your aim is to entertain/inform etc the people reading your blog but unless it's your job, why are you apologising for living your life?