'Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen' V2 / EVENT

18 November 2018

Whenever I go to an art gallery, I tend to feel uncomfortable. All that white space, 'DO NOT TOUCH', everyone whispers, you feel like you're walking on eggshells; someone stares if you speak too loudly. The idea of creating a space for art - live art, immersive art, diverse art born from a huge range of different mediums - from young people mostly devoid of the opportunity to exhibit their work due to a lack of access or lack of budget, seemed honestly pretty terrifying. Not because I didn't want to do it, but where to start?

'Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen' V2: a self-funded immersive art event showcasing young people's work at Goodstock by VInspired on Thursday 22nd November - 6pm doors open. £2 ticket [BUY HERE]. All three floors packed with art: live illustrations (including a collaborative brief by yours truly), live henna, live musicians, live embroidery. A fashion show, a mini-film festival, Reform Radio. Curated art and photography, installations, a Q&A panel with the main featured artists. My brain hurts trying to comprehend all that talent in one building just as much as yours, don't worry. & I'm co-producing the event, alongside Adam Ali.
Adam Ali is a student, actor, and curator from Manchester who started his initiative 'Eighteen in Twenty Eighteen' earlier this year. Developed in response to the lack of options available for young artists in Manchester to display their work he tried to create a space for them. EITEV2 is his next project running along a similar vein, and is going to be even bigger & better (inshaAllah!)
Essentially, the event is about creating a positive atmosphere - somewhere you feel comfortable, & a place you should find something you click with and art and people that inspire you. It's about creating opportunities for yourself rather than waiting for something to find you. Network, talk to people, create some art, bring your friends and submerge yourself in the creativity of the night in an environment we hope you will feel safe, welcome and inspired.
MAIN FEATURED ARTISTS: Afsana Chowdhury, Hawwa Alam, Ben Simpson, Boka, Kamran Sajid, Kate Webster, Memunatu Barrie, Bennett, Stephanie Ross, Zakaria, Zane Crowther & Zineb Berrais.
All photography taken by @mayamothi

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