GEN-SEC CAMPAIGN ART / the process

03 March 2018

I very rarely create focused work specifically for a project, probably because i'm too worried I won't have the 'right' ideas or 'good' ideas and then i'll just be a disappointment for years to come and cry myself to sleep at night and hibernate for a month & - yeah, you get the gist.
But new, strong, independent woman hawwa has a rule of saying yes to things i'm unsure of, applying for everything i am interested in even if the likelihood of rejection is 110%, and being confident in the things i create because i always put my all into anything i try, so that's what i deserve. (See, new & improved hawwa)

So now I'm the official artist and photographer and general manager and art director (ehem, yes, manager, come at me Zaynab) for Fatima's Gen-Sec campaign for the Student Exec Elections at the UoM (if you can think of any other cool titles or ways to toot my own horn then let me know, I'm open to suggestions). & honestly I'm proud of what I created. I'm more proud of Fatima for being such a darn, cool candidate with an amazing manifesto who somehow manages to do 10000x awesome things at once and is so hard-working and perfect for the job (go vote, people), but I'm also happy.
I shot her campaign photos and created an entire zine (shoutout to my teacher from college who taught me the skill of zine-making during my art foundation year) which involved illustrations and layout issues and photo editing and sticker making (!!!) & it all looks pretty cool; (if you wanna see my art in action watch the darn video (ft. Zaynab's hand modelling that she would like credit for):
Although I'm acting like I can take credit for everything I just mentioned, I clearly can't because I did 5% of the entirety of all the work involved in this campaign & also if Fatima didn't have ridiculous amounts of patience in dealing with my sass and dramatic voice notes then she would have fired me in under a day. Imagine standing in public with a placard in your hand trying to model and every two seconds some midget holding a camera shouts at you to stop moving your face/move a bit that way/lean against the door, you'd probably go insane right? (But also in my defence every time I lined up a perfect shot she would make a face and ruin my creative process). Look at the vogue inside this old woman though:

To vote: My Manchester > My Union > VOTE / to get a BTS of campaign week shenanigans (including Fatima taking 50 years to make one placard and me almost tripping over a banner), see more of the illustrations I created and read her manifesto watch @fatimaforyou's IG stories/stalk her feed; and yes, I'm back (again). hawwa is alive and ready to grace the internet with her presence, you're welcome - I know all 0 of you missed me.


  1. Yooo dude! I was just going through my blog and came across a comment you left literally years ago. It's insane that you're still blogging too. I don't know if you remember Awkward Donkey? That's meeee. Your blog is crazy pretty, and I fully plan on indulging in all your recent posts once I've left this comment. It's mad to be back here again. If you don't mind, I'm going to actually read this post now along with some others, but hopefully we don't lose each other's blogs again :)


    1. UM OMG AMY HI it's the old blog squad back and better than ever [or did we even leave i don't know]. Thank you thank you I neglect it a lot BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE [I say every few months]. Yes go ahead read all the posts I don't even remember what half of them about I hope they're interesting HAHAHA


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