16 September 2017

I went to London. It was expensive and amazing and sunny and wet and I finally met Amber aka the girl I have probably known longer than any of my friends in real life (what friends? yeah yeah I know I don't have any otherwise I wouldn't be writing this I'd be living life to the fullest and going on road trips and travelling the world with them.) She looks even shorter in real life than on camera, she could definitely pass for a twelve year old and honestly she made me feel like I looked my age for once, I'm usually the twelve year old of the group.
She's also not as clever as she portrays herself to be: I mean who owns a DSLR for over a year and still hasn't used Manual settings (I taught her, she now understands the freedom it provides and how lazy she's been..I hope) & who leaves their contactless card on the floor of the tube station while taking selfies? (don't worry, as a good friend I picked it up and kept it for her and mildly enjoyed the split second of panic on her face when she realised it had disappeared after looking back down to the floor a full five minutes later.)

We were almost too effervescently motivated to graffiti hunt and explore London but then again we're young people and all we want to do is take photos for the gram, even though the rain was so despicable I honestly just wanted to curl up at home in a warm blanket (also I was wearing the wrong shoes: trainers, that soaked up water like sponges, so soon I wasn't walking I was squelching and it was disgusting.) so we attempted to get the right tube except they were having problems with the circle line and we ended up almost sitting on an empty un-moving tube because we had no idea what was going on. Teenagers these days, honestly. We made it eventually though, to: Spitalfields market, Shoreditch, Brick Lane & the surrounding areas and the British Library, despite the rain. We also got free sides with our burgers from GBK which probably made me more intensely happy than spending a day shooting round London, because I'm a stereotypical Asian who likes to find bargains and save money (also the sweet potato fries were amazing, shoutout to Amber who didn't finish her food and then had to carry a cardboard box of onion rings around with her which wasn't inconvenient at all). 

I even made significant accomplishments that day despite being in close proximity to someone so irritating for hours: taking photos while balancing your umbrella above you using whatever free limbs possible so the rain doesn't smudge your lens and ruin your photos was both a uniquely terrifying experience. and also humiliating when passersby stared at you with undisguised curiosity and vague disgust at our self-obsessed hobbies. I mean picture this (pun very much intended): a rare sighting of hawwa out the house standing on one side of the road with an umbrella jammed into the crook of her arm, a carboard box stuffed under the other, and a damp camera clutched between both hands, leaning gingerly against a wall at a certain angle to ensure nothing falls on the ground. Meanwhile an amber (one of probably many in the world, it's not my fault I have a fairly unique name and she's just a commoner) stands in front of a doorway on the other side holding a highly considered pose while muttering 'hashtag candid' under her breath and waiting for me to snap a photo. Exactly, I wouldn't want to be friends with us either. My own presence is an embarrassment to me.

Side note: it's honestly probably got to the point where I don't need to apologise for not posting in ages because A. no one reads this anymore and B. you expect it of me anyway (which when I think about it is quite sad because I'm usually so organised and on top of everything, but for once life has got in the way of me sharing my life: probably because I now actually have more of a life to live instead of parading around in fictional worlds in my head. Being old is hard and it's boring and stressful and can I please be ten again.) Also considering writing an entire novel in parentheses after this post, probably filled with run on sentences too; don't judge, I've not written anything in a while.


  1. Thought it best to comment as I am virtually the only one that reads this blog.
    Guys, this was very aesthetically pleasing. I applaud you for your commitment to getting the perfect insta worthy photo despite your obvious hatred for eachother and being washed out.
    Well done. You sicken me, but well done.


    It sounds like you had a lovely time - pity about the rain, though!

    AND UGH, I KNOW RIGHT. I barely have time to blog anymore. It makes me sad.

  3. THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLE POST. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. So first up you met your internet friend!!! In June I met Ashley from [oddly novel title] and we had lunch and it was SO FAB and meeting internet friends is THE BEST. Also, London. LONDON LONDON LONDON. I was there the other week but I literally just popped from Paddington into the underground back up into Euston ie I DID NOT SET FOOT OUTSIDE SOMETHING TRAIN-RELATED WHAT WAS I DOING. POOR CHOICES. WHY DID I NOT BOOK A DIFFERENT TRAIN AND HAVE A LIL STOPOVER. Your photos are STUNNING as ever -- seriously beautiful, I love the one of the ties but to be honest, they are all far too gorgeous to pick a favourite -- and I'm so glad you had a good day! Despite the rain. This post made me seriously lol. The gram is a hard master.

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