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09 July 2017

is actually harder than it looks? whenever i mentioned to anyone with vaguely traditional views on education that i was a (admittedly temporary) art student they'd either dismiss it as an easy option (if they were a fellow student), or wax lyrical about the benefits of doing a science related/vocational degree. but hey, guys, people everywhere who think art is an easy subject to study, it is not. 
someone please explain to me how art is easy, and let's just talk about art as an entirety and not break it down into all the sub-categories there are otherwise we'll be here for hours.
a few weeks ago i was still experience the stress of completing the art foundation final project that i was required to complete for a specific deadline in order for it to be finished for an exhibition which i needed to set up, make and paint plinths for, finish sketchbooks for, and edit an essay and create a bibliography and keep a reflective journal for - and i could not comprehend how people thought it was easy (and i'm not talking about comparisons here 'it's harder than rocket science', 'brain surgery is more difficult' - i'm talking about art, as a subject, on it's own.)

i accept that this opinion is probably formed either because you've never really thought much about art or because art isn't 'your thing', or even more probably because you're going off the art you see selling for millions, when all it really is is a paint splatter on a huge white canvas that your neighbour's dog could have done. but isn't forming an opinion based on the highly conceptual contemporary art you occasionally hear about or see at art galleries (which honestly, most of the time i'm not particularly partial too either - you can like art but still not like all art, just a heads up) just like forming an opinion of a group of people or religion based solely on the news you read about them (not as major, admittedly, but still a valid comparison). if you're an art lover (hey, buy my art please i'm broke), and if you're not (please why?)


  1. Your drawings are so stunning! I've been wanting to learn how to draw landscapes and buildings as I generally stick to drawing people!

    1. Awww thank you!! And ugh I wish i could draw people, I've never ever been able to

  2. Lovely drawings as ever my dear! (The pen featured in the first one is one of my fave types of pen ... I'm a stationary nerd and I have zero regrets.)


    This is what I want to tell people.

    YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD AT ART TO GO TO ART SCHOOL. YOU CAN'T GO TO ART SCHOOL IF YOU'RE NOT GOOD AT ART. When people are like "they just splattered that canvas my neighbour's dog could've done that they clearly can't draw properly", I'm like, mate, do you not realise this person went to art school and is a proper artist?? Who must be good at traditional art to get to the point of displaying stuff in this gallery?? And the fact they're bold enough to make a paint splatter canvas and say, "I don't care, this is what I'm interested in," that's the reason they get into a gallery. Because lots of people can sketch a skill life of some bottles, a la GCSE Art. You need Actual Creativity to make it in the art world. People seem to think that being good at copying a photograph is what defines how "good" an artist is. I mean, pal, I did Art to Advanced Higher and I was blimming good at copying photos, but you don't see me in the Tate Modern! I don't have that spark an artist needs.

    You, however, do. Your work is lovely, fresh and unique, your journals a blend of humorous and poignant.

    I'm your #1 fan!


    1. OOOOOOH YES EMILY. Exactly, i mean, not lots of people can sketch a still life of some bottles nicely because I really couldn't - but everyone has their own style and way of drawing: some are more illustrative and some are realistic (which I wish I could do). & YES, I feel like a lot of art and getting noticed is down to being at the right place at the right time because there are so so many talented people in the world and probably more talented and amazing than some of the most well-known artists out there but a lot of art is about shocking people and breaking rules and being inventive in the contemporary world anyway so I feel like more traditional artists don't usually get the recognition they deserve because their work is so 'safe' and 'normal', even if it needed immense effort and talent to create.


  3. The arts can open the minds of students in ways mere reading and writing will never be able to accomplish.


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