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16 June 2017

it's been a while, again. but no apology is going to grace the internet world because a. it's been so long people no longer read this so it'd be a waste of time, and b. i'm not sorry anyway. I always feel a mixture of emotions whenever I read someone else's internet apologies on a blog I love - not drawing a completely realistic analogy here as i'd rather not assume people love this blog either - call me a self-critic (and you're probably right). but I always wonder why. because yes, as a blogger your aim is to entertain/inform etc the people reading your blog but unless it's your job, why are you apologising for living your life?
I was living my life, by the way, I wasn't just sleeping for the last couple of months I promise. Art foundation is pretty much over, exhibition night was a few days ago, I handed in all my work yesterday and now I'm just waiting for my mark. but it's gone so quick. life is moving at breakneck speed, soon i'm going to be 19, i'm going to (finally) start learning to drive, i'm still learning and growing (although not physically, sadly..) and still making mistakes.

I still have no idea what I want to do and (I'm trying to persuade myself that) that's okay. I think I need to accept that my life just needs to be me being comfortable with going with the flow. But I know I want to keep making art, no matter whether I'm not pursuing an art degree in September or not. I made a collection of zines (which are available to buy for a couple of £ - if you're interest let me know) within the theme of 'identity' for my final project, exploring a multitude of different aspects that make up a person, including faith. That project, combined with my continuous pride and support in my friend Areeba who's achieving wonderful things for the Muslim/Pakistani internet world has fuelled my desire to do something similar.

because I'm sick of the news. two of my best friends were there during the Manchester bombing, but alhamdulillah (thank god) weren't physically harmed; but after that attack so many people (including me to a point), didn't want to even leave the house. they were too scared of the reaction they would get. and i'm sick of it. sick of the fact that a minuscule minority of people masquerading under the religion of Islam get to tarnish the reputation of all the true, normal Muslim people and diminish any trust that was there between everyone through despicable, inhumane acts of violence and hate.

and i'm obviously not going to change that single-handedly through sending words and art into the internet world, but just because you can't change the world, doesn't mean you can't make an impact. and it doesn't mean i can't present myself in the way i want through creative means instead of being defined by others' actions, news reports, and uneducated, ignorant beliefs. because i'm a proud member of the hijab wearing I-Am-A-Normal-Nice-Muslim-Girl club and I'm tired of the stereotypes.


  1. I'm lad your friends are ok , i missed you posts welcome your back!

  2. HAWWA! Where even to begin?! Firstly, HI HI HI HI IT'S BEEN SO LONG! I'm back from Kenya! I'm going to Oxford! That's just about all my news! To quote you, "i'm still learning and growing (although not physically, sadly..)".

    So lovely to be reading your blog again, friend. This post was beautiful -- the graphics, the pictures, and the words. Your art is absolutely incredible. I was in Manchester just after the bombing and the mood of fear was really upsetting, but it was also great seeing the city rising up together against fear and hatred.

    Hope you're ok, and that I'll hear from you soon! <3

    1. EMILY IT'S BEEN MONTHS! WHAT YOU'RE BACK? YOU'RE GOING TO OXFORD? It's clearly been too long - nothing as exciting is happening in my life other than I'm a broke almost 19 in a few days teenager.

      Thank you thank you thank you - and what, you were? You should have told me you were here!


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