sketchbook stories / chapter five

11 February 2017

it's been a while, for those of you who've actually realised the lack of my presence on here. I don't really have a reason other than I've been doing other things and trying to take a break from blogging to try and conjure up some motivation to carry on over here and not just abandon ship (I won't, I paid for this domain i'm not going to waste it!).
So I thought i'd bring back some post series i used to do, namely this one, because it's probably my favourite. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen all these already (I am much more active on there than I used to be - i love it) but you probably don't know the stories behind them..
MY CHAIR // about a year ago, my dad stood on my desk chair to reach something from the back of a cupboard and broke it, leaving the chair stuck at its lowest height. this was during the year of my A Levels so I spent the next 12 months either sitting on a cushion so I was at the right height over my art/revision notes not to get a back ache (I did anyway) or sitting on one of my legs to boost my height which would then consequently result in getting pins and needles or just hurting my knee. About a month ago i finally finally got a new chair (same as the old one but just a slightly updated version, from IKEA). Now, i'm awful at construction of any kind but as long as I can understand the instructions I'm usually okay. IKEA manuals are just a nightmare however - but guess who conquered the IKEA manual though?!
LEAF DOODLES // Don't judge the awful quality of these doodles, there's no story behind this entry other than the context they were created in: me sitting in bed balancing my laptop on my knees as I watched a video and stared at the screen instead of the piece of paper I was drawing on. Usually doodles created in that background usually head straight for the bin or disappear under a pile of papers on my desk never to be seen again but I've started sticking everything horrible I create into my journal too, for the memories? for something to roll my eyes at later? I'm not sure why. I've just decided to start throwing less of the work I create but don't like away and start keeping it in some form (be it in its full form or cut up in a collage).
HOME IS WHERE THE SAMOSAS ARE: my life motto. you can't beat a good samosa - and this is bearing in mind that we're not a very typical asian family, and we never ever make samosas or anything fried. we have to rely on dadi for that - which is why when there are samosas even vaguely on the horizon, my siblings (and I) will be right there in two seconds flat.
CACTI SKETCHES // i had three cacti. now i have two. my favourite succulent (bottom left) randomly turned black and soft leafed over night and i had to get rid of it - i feel like a murderer, even though it wasn't anything that i did and it just caught some sort of plant disease. its currently sat by our green bin outside looked wilted and sad..(i did these little sketches before it died though).
WE ALL NEED SOME LIGHT IN OUR LIFE // made in the context of the US elections but i mean, in general the statement is true too though. as for Trump, well, don't get me started.


  1. This is lovely, Hawwa. I look forward to more posts from you! Also, if you're ever in need of a samosa (or two, or a million) I am more than welcome to make you some. Samosas run deep in my extended family and although my family in particular aren't that big on the tradition of home-made samosas I love making them!

  2. I always enjoy your artwork. Seeing your journals on instragram gives me an itch to draw and make. The stories behind your drawings are interesting, sometimes it changes the whole meaning of a piece by giving it some context.
    I hope your new chair is very comfy ^_^

  3. These are beautiful! I love seeing the pictures and then reading the background. Leaf doodles are so fun! Thanks for sharing. :)


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