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01 January 2017

it's 1st january 2017. yep, i got the date right (i think? usually i don't know what day or time it is). 12 months have passed since i did my last relay of '2015 favourites' posts on my highlights; favourite photos and favourite books, favourite blog posts and instagram favourites. this year had a slightly different dynamic though, i feel like i have less to say because half of the year was taken up by extreme revision sessions (and by extreme i mean cramming around 20 years of history into my brain in one solid nine hour session at my desk) for my A Levels, summer was spent taking part in Ramadan and Eid, and from September onwards I was back to studying again and also working.

JANUARY // in january my friend areeba and i launched our creative project #ohjournaletc in order to bring together the creative community through collaborative monthly journal prompts. I had to bypass a few months during the spring and summer due to exams but i've almost caught up and I've loved seeing everyone participate across the globe.
FEBRUARY // brought mock exams and the first real instalment of true stress and panic, in addition to participating in another (shorter) creative collaboration spearheaded by my friend jess: #thecollaboraters2016 
MARCH & APRIL  meant more neglecting this here blog in favour of academic pursuits and by MAY i had to accept that i needed to take a short hiatus and disappeared under the mounds of past papers in my room for a while..
JUNE // ushered in my A Level exams, sadly hand in hand with Ramadan which meant a lack of sleep, hunger and copious amounts of feeling brain dead. my exams were all packed into the first week and a half of June however which was difficult in terms of organising revision but meant i finished everything much earlier than my friends who had a more spaced out timetable of exams. I also finally bought my first ever DSLR (the Canon 600D and it is beautiful!)

JULY // was one of my favourite months of the year. I decided last minute that i wanted to defer my place at university in order to take a 'gap year' of working and studying art foundation, Eid came and went, and then I travelled to both scotland and spain in the last three months of July which was wonderful. I also turned 18 but let's not talk about that because i don't need reminding that I'm getting older.. 

AUGUST // results!! I did better than I thought I would, as well as I hoped I could, but not as good as I really wanted to (if that makes any sense at all). in august i also travelled to london for two and a half days with my younger brother to sight-see and stay with my cousins for a while which was lovely because it barely rained at all. also i love the tube. it's so quick and amazing
SEPTEMBER // in september some of my travel photography from spain was published in TMRW Magazine's volume 15 which was (slightly) cool, nothing spectacular you know, i've had my work published in hundreds of magazines before obviously..(not) in September i also started my art foundation course which was - intense - for the first couple of weeks, i had sketchbooks coming out of my ears.

OCTOBER // i got my first proper job! yes! i am adulting! it was actually the first ever job i'd applied for and it involved stage one: a CV (obviously) and a cover letter; stage two: a three hour group interview, stage three: a trial shift and a short one on one interview with the manager. but i got it! i could now call myself a lush christmas temp.
NOVEMBER & DECEMBER // kind of blurred into one another: i stopped remembering what day or time or month it was and lived in a dazed routine of art projects and shifts and work and training sessions for work. and then the new year arrived and i sat there thinking what the heck i haven't accomplished anything in the last 12 months what am i doing?!


  1. YAAAY FOR ADULTING - i can't wait for your instagram one, the aesthetics are always soooo satisfying

  2. Hey Hawwa!! I just wanted to tell you that I really fricking LOVE your blog -- your artwork and photography is just so gorgeous! It sounds like you've had an insane year, but congrats on landing your job and getting a DSLR (I've been wanting one for a while, but I have to make do with my phone at the moment). Here's to a great 2017! ^.^

    1. Grace you are SO SWEET!!!!! you literally just made my day! and thank you, it took me a while of saving up and i still *only* bought a second hand DSLR but it's beautiful and I love it!

  3. Oooh, you have done a lot this year! BUSYNESS! GOOD ON YOU. I tried to write a list of things that had happened this year...except I couldn't remember a thing. Haha. There's nothing like "what did you accomplish this year" to make every thought exit my brain of ever. xD
    But congrats on the exams and the adulting and the gorgeous photos.😍

    1. I'VE BARELY DONE ANYTHING WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You probably can't write a list because you've done so much it would never end..
      Thank you!!!

  4. Eeee, I've been stalking your blog since forever and I just wanted to say that AHHH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS ARE AMAZING and also look at you! Doing all those things in 2016! Congratulations on adulting! Happy New Year!

    1. YOU ARE AMAZING FOR SAYING THAT THANK YOU SO MUCH! Happy new year to you too!

  5. ooh you've been busy! i'm glad you get good scores for your A levels, even though it's not as good as you hope at least you did better than you thought :) also congrats on your first job! i hope you'll enjoy it :)

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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