salt to the sea (ruta sepetys): book review

25 January 2017

some historical fiction novels are dense with research, overflowing with facts and names and the underlying sense of desperation running through the book, of: I did my research can you tell. yes you can tell. it’s there staring back at you within every page of carefully plucked details from the past. and I respect that – but sometimes it’s too much. writing good historical fiction is well-constructed research weaved so delicately between words that you don’t realise it is there – and that is exactly what ruta sepetys is so good at and why she consistently remains one of my favourite authors with every new book she writes: her novels are incredibly well-researched but still feel light and elegantly formed, salt to the sea is no different.


12 January 2017

i thought i could write this post in a professional tone except as i got further and further down my list of inspiring and creatively talented human beings my ability to english became less and less. have fun observing the slow breakdown of formality i just experienced. 'from literary correct dialogue to txt spk: hawwa's journey to fruition as an educated woman' should maybe/probably be the name of my future biography. who needs professionalism anyway.

Mine and Amber's Friendship: A History

07 January 2017

(amber titled this post in a grammatically incorrect way just to annoy me)
*crashes in, smelling of bins and public toilets.* Hey kids, it's me, Hawwa. Who else would it be? This is my blog, after all. Sorry about the stench, I don't wash. Also I'm obsessed with Donald Trump's hair. Like, Does anyone know what hairspray he uses? (you know, you buy it for him - you're his PA aren't you?)

COLLECTIONS | 2016: highlights

01 January 2017

it's 1st january 2017. yep, i got the date right (i think? usually i don't know what day or time it is). 12 months have passed since i did my last relay of '2015 favourites' posts on my highlights; favourite photos and favourite books, favourite blog posts and instagram favourites. this year had a slightly different dynamic though, i feel like i have less to say because half of the year was taken up by extreme revision sessions (and by extreme i mean cramming around 20 years of history into my brain in one solid nine hour session at my desk) for my A Levels, summer was spent taking part in Ramadan and Eid, and from September onwards I was back to studying again and also working.