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13 November 2016

what does my name mean? | hawwa
حَوَّاء is an arabic name meaning 'source of life' - in english, the translation would be 'eve' (like, adam and eve - and yes, i've heard all the jokes.). even though my name isn't hard at all to pronounce, almost everyone get's it wrong. that meme you see floating around of 'when the teacher get's to your name on the register and looks up with panic in their eyes': accurate description of my life.
(fun fact: i just googled 'hawwa' and apparently there is an indian restaurant in northgate, hessle called hawwa; ironic since i am actually half indian.)
I AM AN INFJ according to 16 personalities (which is scarily accurate) / 'the advocate'. to break it down:
  • this personality type is rare and makes up about 1% of the population
  • although i am soft-spoken i have strong opinions (or as my family would put it, i'm stubborn)
  • a few people with the same personality: martin luther king, jon snow, nelson mandela.
  • i'm creative, insightful determined and passionate but i'm a perfectionist, which can be an issue sometimes, and can burn out easily.
  • a running theme of my personality is a 'yearning for authenticity and sincerity'
  • and this, just, this: "many INFJs struggle to begin a career early on because they see ten wildly different paths forward, each with its own intrinsic rewards, alluring but also heartbreaking, because each means abandoning so much else."
what is my zodiac sign? | CANCER

what hogwarts house am i in? | ravenclaw

I was sorted on pottermore into ravenclaw but this tag uses a different test so here goes...
*five minutes later*
OOOH, I scraped a ravenclaw sorting there, here's the breakdown:
  • RAVENCLAW - 14
slightly similar to pottermore, although i think i had a more evenly distributed number of points between hufflepuff and gryffindor and slytherin.
according to the quiz, i have a multimodal learning preference (which basically everyone does i think..):
  • READ/WRITE - 13
  • VISUAL - 9
  • AURAL - 8
I'm not so sure about my ability to learn aurally: usually if i listen to something i don't get it the first time at all, and either have to continue listening to it and concentrate really hard or read it over myself.
apparently i'm really left brained (rules, rationality, logic, details etc) but i remember taking this test a while ago and getting right brained, and i've done a different test that said i used both sides of my brain similarly. so i don't know..
what is my blood type?
i have absolutely no idea - i really want to know now though.
A WRITER! - if anyone wants to give me a book deal let me know. i'm all for it.
i remember doing this ages ago but i can't remember what i was so let's see...
apparently i'm divergent - you can't put me in just one box people. 
"You deviate from the norm. The aptitude test is inconclusive. It cannot determine just one faction for you, Divergent. Your mind is ceaselessly changing. You’re creative, with a strong sense of self, and you have a clear picture of who you are and what you want. You stand out from the crowd. You may pose a threat to the norms of society, but you are unwilling to give into them."
i'm second oldest, i was the middle for a long time until my little sister arrived so i'm not sure what i technically am? apparently the stereotype of the middle child is usually a social butterfly, a peacekeeper and fairness-obsessed. Maybe true to some extent, especially the last two.
AND IT'S OVER. that was fun but took much longer than expected (aka,  a whole day - i really must get back into the blogging routine.) But hey, now you know all about me (luck you.) --
I tag: (and if you don't do it i will chase after you with a large baguette).
  • Cait - Paper Fury
  • Emily - Ink, Inc
  • Safah - Too Busy Looking Up.
  • Anissa - Mindglitched
amber from the mile long bookshelf tagged me in the 'who am i' tag which i actually don't know who created (let me know if you do please!)


  1. Awesome! Never seen anything like this before. I'm definitely bout to take some of these quizzes once I click 'publish' on this comment. :D Kind of telling that your learning styles and the career you are meant to be in are both writing (with reading implied, lol). I definitely use writing to sort out my thoughts and to analyse things and I think that makes sense. Anyway, these are fun to read about. Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks! You should try it out - i don't think you need to be specifically tagged to do it!
      Hahaha yeah - let's see if it actually ever happens though..I need to finish writing a novel first..

  2. Ohhh this is FUN and I shall do it although if you want to throw bread at me, like, I can handle that because bread is delicious. *nods* Also I'm like entirely Slytherin but now I'm going to take that test to see what my breakdown results are. And heyyy I don't think your name is that difficult! Although I might be horribly mangling it with my absolute WORST ability to say words. Is it just said phonetically? No one can spell my name. -_- I blame this on the 938 spellings and derivatives of my full name. Bleh.
    Anyway. *dashes off to see if is full blooded Slytherin*

    1. YAY DO IT DO IT DO IT. I'll throw something else at you then - it won't work if i throw bread at you, you'll just eat it.
      Ooooh Slytherin!! HAHAH well i don't know because i've never heard you say my name..it's not *too* difficult..you just have to emphasise the 'w's which no-one ever does.
      Yeah you're name has SO many different spellings but i know a few who spell their name like yours, it's one of the more common ones right?

  3. Hello there, my fellow INFJ Ravenclaw! I had such a lovely time reading over your answers here - I took the Hogwarts test you linked again and got 19 Ravenclaw with everything else in a rather tiny proportion, so I think that says a lot, haha ;) And, by the way - I think your name is truly unique + gorgeous. I'm so glad you made it part of your blog, to be honest; I think it adds such a lovely element to this small sanctuary of yours in the vast Interwebs. xox

    1. *high five* thank you and woah, you're ravenclaw through and through aren't you!
      AWH, THANK YOU, i absolutely love your name too! it's beautiful <3

  4. This looks so cool! And there's so many photos, yay!

  5. Ooh this tag is fun! I really like the 'yearning for authenticity and sincerity' quotes, it really resonates deeply with me. Maybe I'm an INFJ too? Who knows xD

  6. Thank you for tagging me :) I just did the test and we're the same personality type :D
    I'm excited to take all the tests now :)

    1. WOOOO! I feel like there's a lot of bloggers who are INFJs!?
      I look forward to reading your post!

  7. Aww! You tagged me! What a babe!

    I enjoyed this greatly. Though the Hogwarts house link didn't work. Which is v sad. Bc I'm always up for some Potter procrastination. So now I'll have to compensate by doing the brain test ...

    Ha! Just as I thought. (Ish.) 47% left, 53% right. Interesting.

    thanks for the tag! Hope college is going well and especially writing! (Because that's the career?? How exciting!)

  8. Such interesting information. I learned a lot about you. I can see how your name could be tricky for people to pronounce at first. Sometimes we all need a little help with pronunciations. :)

    Great post!

  9. I'm an INFJ too, seeing that 1% makes me feel so special hah xD


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