CROOKED KINGDOM by leigh bardugo

29 October 2016

Some people develop stories that hold exquisite world building and intricate plots within its pages but their characters leave a sour taste in the mouth: slightly two dimensional, generic and un-relatable. Others create characters that practically jump out at you, real people fashioned into existence through words, yet the plot, the world building? Not necessarily raw, but perhaps under cooked. Leigh Bardugo however, does neither of those two things. She is one of the few authors that is able to develop both three-dimensional characters with all the entertaining dialogue, nuances and traits you could wish for, and a detailed plot within an intricately built world: CROOKED KINGDOM is but one of the perfect examples.

five things i have failed at while writing

16 October 2016

it's no secret that i am a nefariously rubbish writer. i claim to want to become a published author one day yet i never actually put that plan into action - for various reasons, i have yet to even finish a single first draft of anything in particular. nope, i haven't even finished writing my autobiography which is absolutely ridiculous considering i've had such a fulfilling and exciting life these past eighteen years...

discussion: do you write in books?

02 October 2016

i never used to write in books. before, books (for me at least) were meant to be kept pristine and neat, they were (and still are) colour coded on my bookshelf, i would get annoyed whenever anyone borrowed one of my books and dog-eared a page or cracked the spine. books were both collectable items and enjoyable pieces of creativity. i did not like 'ruining' my books.