This is Wonderland: before Alice. /HEARTLESS [marissa meyer]

22 September 2016

(warning: do not read while hungry, OR: eat while reading.)
1 protagonist: Catherine. Daughter of a Marquis, desperate to open her own bakery, renowned in the Kingdom of Hearts for her delicacies.
1 maid: Mary Ann. Business savvy, right hand woman & friend.
2 parents: The Marquis and Marchioness. Desperate for a good match for their daughter.
1 court joker: Jest. Lemon-eyed boy from dreams. On hand with his Raven to provide light-hearted comedy, entertainment and intrigue.
1 Cheshire Cat: my favourite character.
A sprinkle of betrayal.
A cup of ‘other relevant characters’, cleverly intertwined, down to the last detail.
A pinch of romance
A dash of unrequited love/undesired affection
1 sugar-pie pumpkin: turned into a pie.
1 King: highly naïve and useless.
A fistful of hats: all shapes and sizes.

This is Wonderland: before Alice.
A slightly predictable book, no doubt – but with just a hint of zest, a squeeze of lime – the perfect twist of a pastry crust to keep you enthralled – Meyer’s speciality. A fairy-tale retelling: the basic ingredients already present, and then suddenly a tart placed between the pages of the book, a nod to the future, a taste that makes you smile as you see the links between everything: the baking powder that makes the whole story rise.
It is impossible to take just one bite from this story; (no matter how invested you are in the characters’ fates, the wonderful array of baked goods described in this novel will have you devouring each page, your appetite whet for more, more, more – until the last word has been inhaled. While this was probably my least favourite of Meyer’s books (although still held in high esteem, considering the Lunar Chronicles is one of my favourite series to read and re-read and re-read and thus probably hard to top), reading about the back-story of the Queen of Hearts until the final, crucial last line (the icing on the cake) was highly satisfying. Villains are wonderful to read about, and even more intriguing is their past, their background, the reason for their corruption – which Meyer served in the perfect portion.
Heartless, tart-less, Lady Catherine Pinkerton of Rock Turtle Cave: prepare to have your appetite wonderfully fulfilled.
details: /publisher - macmillan /publication date - 9th february 2017 /genre - fantasy 


  1. what an incredibly unique review, Hawwa! Being honest, I have struggled with some of Myer's other books in the past BUT you made this one seem incredible, I am literally adding it to my wish list on Book Depository right now. Also, now I am really hungry... all that pastry and cake talk has me starving (a bit like whenever JK Rowling mentions food in the Great Hall of Hogwarts in such a tantalizing way and my stomach rumbles - that was like this!). I suppose I'll have to try the lunar chronicles again too. You're so talented Hawwa xx

    1. Alannah!! Thank you so much. My job is done then ahah! I feel like I should get a commission for if you ever buy the*looks up affiliation with the book depo*...
      it makes you VERY hungry, even thinking about the book now is making me hungry and heck yes, the Great Hall of Hogwarts food scenes make me hungry too..
      Try the lunar chronicles again for definite! I personally really loved them.

      THANK YOU!

  2. Well I wasn't hungry...bUT NOW I AM OMG. I can't wait to devour this book AHHHH and omg it's got a bakery in it?!?!? This book is for me. :')

    1. HAHAH I actually thought of you when i read this book because it talked so much about food - it makes you sO hungry.


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