25 September 2016

SPAIN // JULY 2016. an average of 35 degree heat, no tarmac on the roads in the mountains, no barriers to stop you driving off the edge, a hire car who couldn't cope and often skidded half way up a steep, narrow, one way street/slope; mosquitoes, insect bites - very much the bad. but the good? the streets, the mountain air [sadly not the food, i never actually tried any authentic spanish food the entire two weeks i was there because they are very much wine/meat fans - it appears in almost every dish - and halal food is a rarity] the sightseeing opportunities, the rich culture and the architecture. cordoba was probably one of my favourite places to visit on the trip, just because of the streets, the atmosphere, and the sheer entity of alleyways covered with flowers and plants; basically: the aesthetic.

WHAT TO DO IN CORDOBA: walk around the streets, soak in the city and appreciate all the colours, bustle & activity; visit the Cordoba masjid/cathedral.
TIP: everything closes during the hottest part of the day during 'siesta time' so don't get anywhere too late otherwise it'll be shut. i really wanted to climb up the bell tower and view cordoba from above but got there too late - don't make the same mistake!


  1. It looks colourful, vibrant, & utterly lush. What a gorgeous place. Thank you for sharing its magic with us. xo

  2. OOh that picture inside the church (second to last) is incredible! Such a warm and majestic feel!

  3. Beautiful photos! I LOVE the stripy arches of the cathedral! (Take me to Spain ...!)


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