30 August 2016

1. USE PINTEREST TO PLAN:while i wouldn't advise going over the top and planning literally every second of your day [because let's face it, it's unrealistic that you would ever stick to something so rigid when you're in an unknown country and it's more fun to just be fluid and go with the flow], deciding on the main places that are must-see sights is a good idea, especially if you know you won't have any internet when you actually arrive. i was put in charge of deciding where we should visit when i went on holiday to spain with my family in july, and pinterest was a gold mine. all those pretty photos of landscapes and beaches and architecture you pin, well there's probably a link/caption detailing where that place is. and there are hundreds of blog posts [obviously not as cool as this one--] with travel tips, ideas, itineraries and photos all at your disposal. so use it. [and please, don't forget the list you made at home, not a good idea..]


24 August 2016

BOOK-PUSHING IS AN ART FORM. if you do it wrong, there are consequences to pay - & to do it 'right' is hard, you have to alter your tactics for each individual case, so should you always risk it?

WOLF BY WOLF /ryan graudin

14 August 2016

Ryan Graudin is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors, and for good reason. After diving into The Walled City and resurfacing with wide eyes and an oh, this book was good, I promptly kept her name on the top shelf of my internal list: authors-to-look-out-for – and then Wolf by Wolf appeared on my doorstep, with a quote from Laini Taylor on the front cover (a clear sign that this book must be read), at the wrong time, during exam season when TBR lists were not a priority, stress was out in full force and taking over even the most organised of lives (aka me) and reading books was not an activity I could dwell on before feeling guilty that I was wasting time.

DIY / geometric paper boxes

09 August 2016

I've been making art and doing crafts/DIYs for as long as I can remember - even longer than I can remember. I was/still am the resident card maker for every event, I once made hundreds of eid cards and sold them all, giving the proceeds to charity. I've made house decorations, boxes, bags, beds for my dolls, cushions, dresses - I was that one girl who used to borrow all the crafting books from the library.


05 August 2016

It is no secret that blogging takes up an abundance of time. From taking photos, to editing photos, to planning posts, to formatting a post, to writing a post, to staring at a blank page because you have no idea what to write - all in all, blogging morphs from a passion and a hobby to a chore with unapologetic speed.  Yet the internet is stuffed in every nook and cranny with blogs that are still surviving, still dragging their little feet through the bog of time to remain alive. If you don't have a blog but are thinking of starting one you may feel daunted, perturbed; worried about taking the leap, but never fear, grandma hawwa has your back. 
[grandma? you ask with a smirk and an eyebrow raise - yes. i'm 18. an adult, an old woman. you want proof of how old i am? just take a look at my to-do list, i'm adulting hard: provisional license? setting up a bank account? i could apply for them with my eyes closed---]