02 July 2016

following on from last week's post, i thought i'd address the most frequently [un]asked questions about myself (or ones that have been asked), as i know a lot of you either don't know much about me or know nothing about me other than my name ---
how old am i? eighteen this month. which is ridiculous. i feel much older already.
how tall am i? 5ft. 5ft what you ask - 5ft nothing. i am of diminutive stature, if you want to make it sound more appealing than 'small'.
what personality type am i? infj. apparently only 2% of the population are this personality type - i am a rare breed, feel honoured to know me.
where do i live? england, sadly, for as i am writing this we have just left the EU - and i couldn't even vote. perfect.
what ethnicity am i? mixed asian: half indian, half pakistani.
what religion am i? muslim!
how would i describe myself? 40% sarcasm, 40% stubborn, 20% so-utterly-unsure-what-to-do-with-her-life
what are my favourite books? i have many., that is all.
what books have influenced my work? hmm, in terms of writing: the book thief by markus zusak, daughter of smoke and bone by laini taylor, and six of crows by leigh bardugo. in terms of art and creativity: the sky is everywhere/i'll give you the sun by jandy nelson
what camera do i use? for all the photos thus far on my blog, the Sony Cybershot DSC-H7 or my phone. but hopefully from now on: the Canon 600D+18-55mm lens which i just purchased after years of waiting/saving [if i can ever work out how to use it!]
when did i start blogging? apparently february 2012, which would mean i have been blogging for four and a half years. but i would argue that i only started properly blogging since summer 2012, which would make that four years [see, nearly 18 and my mathematics abilities are stunning].
will i start making videos anytime in the future? i want to, whether that will actually happen is uncertain - i'm definitely going to be making more gifs/stop motion videos and i have started doing journal flip through videos on instagram. it depends what type of videos you would like to see?
in terms of blogging, what are my plans for the future? keep blogging! in terms of content: from the survey results it seems like you want more personal/life updates posts like these; more art/creative posts; more fashion related posts; more photography and travel posts; more writing updates and blogging tips/DIY posts - so basically more everything! a few of you also asked for collaborations/guest posts - so for the whole of july [and perhaps longer] i'm going to be posting guest posts from both bloggers and non-bloggers.


  1. I don't have any other questions and I feel like you've satisfied our curiosity (for now) haha. also! eek! I am an INFJ too! Or atleast I *was.* I think my personality type may have changed slightly (even though I'm definitely still an Introvert). I've read 3/4 of the books you mentioned above as having influenced your work and I feel like those books have also influenced me a great deal too. I think they're what made me really fall in love with the fantasy genre and inspired me to try and write some of my own stories in that genre. Four years of blogging is quite a lot! I've only been at this for about 2 years I think. I'm not entirely sure because I've made five blogs (including my current one). I've been trying to delete some of the old ones but I forgot how to access the account or I just can't.. Anyway, it was great to find out more about you!

    – Rachana @ Spun

    1. Well that was my aim! WOO, and yeah I'm INFJ but I'm actually pretty much equal of every trait, i only just surpassed each of the traits to become an INFJ...Four years of blogging seems like ages, I can't even remember what I used to do before I started blogging..but my first/old posts are SO EMBARRASSING. Two years is a heck of a long time too considering how much effort goes into blogging. I didn't used to make lots of blogs, I just used to change my URL/blog name/design ALL THE TIME which in hindsight was such a bad idea and why I had so little followers..they could never keep up with me ahha.

  2. It was lovely to get to know you more, Hawwa! Four years is a long time, but I do hope you continue to blog for much longer because I love your posts so much, haha! (and omg I recently discovered the personality type thing and I find it so interesting! I'm an INFP, in case you were wondering...)

    1. I hope so too - if people keep reading my blog I'll keep on at it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, and ooh, that's a nice mix!

  3. Yayyyy for question answering! AND YAY THAT YOU'RE SHORTER THAN ME. WOOT. I'm 5'1 which makes me very much taller than you. *flails tallishly* Ahem. (But seriously now, we short people need to stick together so we can stand on each other's shoulders and reach the high cupboards #priorities) 😂 I'm glad you're keeping on blogging! I LOVE YOUR BLOG, BTW.

    1. NOT YAY THAT I'M SHORTER THAN YOU. -.- 5'1 is HUGE! ;) True true, us dwarfs need to stick together...YAY THANK YOU.

  4. i'm infj too! pretty please do stop motion, they're such fun to watch - i was thinking of doing one for a post but my camera skills are non existent, so i might just continue with the gifs for now. also, i'm halfway through the book thief and i'm in love, how is zusak so wonderful, how?!?! also, loving the tweaks to the design btw <3

    safah | oh, how i wander.

    1. I WILL IF I CAN WORK OUT HOW. Gifs are cool too, basically just short version of a stopmotion? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ONLY JUST READING IT NOW, but yaaaaaaaay i'm so glad you're enjoying it, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND POETIC. haha thanks, i wondered if anyone would notice.

  5. Yes to infj's! I'm an INFJ too, and it's so nice that despite there being so few of us, others actually exist! The way you talk about The Book Thief makes me want to try reading it again. Maybe this summer...

    Holly - hollyislostinalibrary.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's so weird, because most bloggers I know are INFJ too - it must be one of the reasons that draws us to blogging in the first place!


  6. Ah your inspirations are dazzling! *.* Jandy Nelson definitely has nailed art, and I can so see a bit of The Book Thief with your writing.

    1. OOoh thanks, and yesss, Jandy Nelson's work is amazing.

  7. Who am I? Another day, another destiny -- this never ending road to calvary--

    Shut up, Emily!

    OK sorry! But you shouldn't title your posts with Les Mis songs unless you want A LOT OF SINGING from me. These men who seem to know my crime shall surely come a second time-- what?

    I am about 5"3. We are but children in the eyes of the world ... ~mournfully plays violin~

    You started blogging just two months before I did. Jasmine @ Ebony Black Lines, those were the days ... Do you remember when you won that writing competition I ran way back when? And I did you a drawing ... :')

    I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO MAKE VIDS. I really want to hear your voice bc Manchester!

    Also, I AM SO EXCITED AB YOUR ART COURSE I CANNOT TELL YOU. SO SO SO SO EXCITED. CONGRATS! THIS IS EVERYTHING I'VE EVER DREAMED AND PLANNED FOR YOU LIFE. (How do your parents feel?) Also, I may have told you this already, but I'm going to Kenya on my gap yah!

    1. But I didn't know it was a les mis song so SHHHH.
      5"3 is HUGE so don't complain Emily, that's practically a giant in my eyes..
      EW PLZ SH. Who's that?
      um...............................YES, oh yes! I actually do remember!
      MAYBE ONE DAY. I don't think my parents are cool with my face floating around on the internet, which is probably a good thing seeing as my face might burn someone's eyes....


      wait wait what.


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