SNAIL MAIL // guest post

30 July 2016

Snail mail. It’s been replaced by e-mailing, texting, and other techy systems, but there are still many creatives who keep snail mail alive. Snail mail is such a fun way to communicate to friends, family, etc. Its a creative way to express your personality. The process of assembling a letter, sending it, and waiting to receive your pen-pals response is just overall exciting. And with today’s fortunate advancements, sending a letter/package doesn’t take much time. Letters sent from all over the world may only take days or weeks to be received. Don’t let the “it’s too slow” lie deceive you!
Let’s get into what snail mail consists of :: it can include a letter, stationery, art, and other bits. I love including my doodles that represent my personality and artistic style. I also like to create banners and other room decorations. Overall, I want the recipient to get a gist of my persona. Sometimes I include bits from where I live or where I’ve travelled to. I like collecting brochures, photographs, postcards, etc. for my mail. For the most part, have fun with snail mail! Putting together a letter/package is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing, ha.
I love snail mail because you can actually send tangible things, rather than just digital pictures when emailing or texting. You get to use all 5 senses to fully experience the goodies the sender has sent. I love that letters and goodies can be tangibly cherished for years, rather than storing it in a virtual mailbox through emailing.


  1. You make mail sound so creative and fun! I do love getting a letter in the post and seeing my name written across the envelope. It's really exciting! Although it's not very common. I think it's been years since I've written a letter or got one in return. I'd love to make a little package and send it to someone. Oh you've gotten all my creative juices flowing now! ^_^ Very inspiring post.

    1. It's the best feeling ever isn't it! It's getting less and less common which is really sad because the price of stamps is going up and now it's SO expensive to send letters! :(


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