14 May 2016

may 2016 // art exams have started; my written exams are exactly four weeks away when writing this, but i'm still alive so you can all breathe again - i know you all can't survive without me. now, settle down - it's story time.
                                                                                                                                                                                              THERE WAS A GIRL:                                                                                                                                                                   WHO STUDIED:                                                                                                                                                                                                 AND STUDIED:                                                                                                                                                                                                 AND TRIED TO KEEP CALM                                                                                                                                       IN TIME FOR EXAMS. THE END.                                                                                                                                                                                                       WAS THAT AN INTERESTING STORY? i thought not. because that's what my life consists of: boredom, and a bit of revision on the side. but about 80% procrastination. which is why i'm taking a small hiatus. i know about 90% of the people that read my blog also have exams, whether they are GCSEs, AS exams, A Levels (if so, i feel your pain) or university exams and probably don't have the time to be reading other people's blogs (i don't either - i don't blame you). so i'm going to wave goodbye for now and pray that my exams go well, so come summer i can let my creative juices flow (sadly it is always during exam time that i get the best creative ideas and then i can't implement them, it's like my brain is laughing at all the stress i'm under and thinks, hey, let's make this girl even more annoyed by giving her lots of arty ideas that she doesn't have the time to carry out!)

                                        i have a plan though - when i return, i'm going to tweak my blog design, write a post summarising the survey results i received (if you've not filled it in and would like to, the link is here) and also thank all the people that return with me (if you're all thinking, oh great, finally, this girl is stopping blogging so now i can stop reading her awful blog then how dare you, the door is open, leave maybe fill in my survey and complain so i know why you hate this slice of the internet --- hah. but yes, i am going to return with an extremely exciting surprise giveaway for all you wonderful humans and a series of guest posts on all things art, journal and travel related from equally wonderful human beings i have connected with online: some i have known for a while & some people's creativity i have admired from afar until now - i am hugely exited for the summer and all the opportunities and ideas it will bring. and now that's enough words for me. and way too much cheese, jeez; i ordered the vegetarian pizza, why did you give me this?



  1. bahahahaha, you are hilarious and i can completely relate. this is exactly how i get when i am under stress, which has been my complete life lately.

    but i will miss you!! and i will go and fill out your survey now, okie.

    kiss kiss to you!

  2. Have a good hiatus!! OKAY. THAT IS PROBABLY A SILLY THING TO SAY. *pats your shoulder comfortingly and sends cake* I hope you survive the exams. Eeeeeek. Sounds very stressful. >_< BUT I SHALL BE WAITING EAGERLY FOR WHEN YOU RETURN TO POST GLORIOUSLY. <3 Good luck!

  3. Oh! Good luck for your exams! Mine finished last month! Enjoy your hiatus!😝

  4. Hi hawwa, hope you didn't forget me haha (I came back from a year-long hiatus and it feels so great tbh). Goodluck on your exams!

    Jianine | Oh wander

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