02 April 2016

APRIL: it's time to fortify my revision cave and start studying instead of procrastinating, playing basketball, eating (and creating art of course). April brings rain, the occasional slice of sun, and stress. i am only scheduled up until the end of april [if i have time i will try to write some more posts] and please bear with my non-existent replied to comments and general disappearance on social media [instagram not included - i have no self-control when it comes to beautiful photos] - sadly my priorities are exams first, blogging second. but as soon as my exams are done and dusted, prepare for an explosion of creativity and new ideas and excitement [i hope]..
- but what even is #OHJOURNALETC you ask: firstly, i am offended that you do not know you awful human. secondly:  click here for a blog post, and click here for an array of all the beautiful journal entries from around the world [182 posts & counting!]
1. MOODBOARD: colour swatches; snippets of your fabric; your favourite colour palette: put together a collection that represents something in your life, be it the season, your feelings - anything.
2. ETYMOLOGY: what is the origin of your name? what does it mean? does it have any historical significance?
3. PLAYLIST: i already know what mine is going to be: the playlist of a broken soul [the story of a young girl whose motivation drowned in a pile of revision cards, amongst a sea of ink and red tears.
4. HEARTBREAK: what breaks your heart? does it make you angry or sad? let out all your emotions onto a piece of paper - is it the absence of food that breaks your heart? the inability to sleep due to stress? the incessant ticking of the clock - like a time bomb counting down until your exams? [or is that just me ---]
"I AM HAUNTED BY HUMANS" - the book thief [markus zusak]
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to study journal or not to study journal, that is the question.


  1. i really love all of your arts, they're all so unique :D goodluck for the exams! :D

  2. ohhhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh. this is epic. i need to take part.

    xx, rn

    1. WELL YES YOU DO, you would make such beautiful pages!!

  3. All the best with your studies -- we shall be cheering you on and waiting patiently for your return! And oh, your journal entries are GORGEOUS as always -- especially love the one about being haunted by humans. <3

    1. AH thanks Alyssa..I'm SO SCARED. That's one of my favourite ones too!

  4. LOVE the book thief one. That book, I swear ... Also enjoyed our chat yesterday! THERE IS NO IF REMEMBER! <33

    1. HEHE yes yes, no IF, although i'm sure it's now rather annoyed that we have deleted it from the english language..

  5. Good luck with your exams. I have exams too, and am aware of just how much you have to tell yourself "AFTER EXAMS, SHEESH" when your brain wants to be all creative, or blog, or journal, or procrastinate like it usually does.
    Great journalling right there, though!

    1. Jzk Mawa! & definitely, it's awful. as soon as it comes to my exams my brain explodes with creative ideas..:/ Good luck with your exams too!


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