LETTER CHAPTERS || an indomitable penchant

30 April 2016

I have an indomitable penchant for snail mail, that much is certain. the breath of ink against a crisp, new piece of paper. the mess of words, the tangle of stories and lists filling a page damp with personality. the image of excited fingers stumbling to rip open the envelope bursting with snippets of your life and what you love that you so painstakingly created over the course of moments in your spare time. sometimes i wonder why so many people gladly forgot and changed: to e-mails and whatsapp and twitter and facebook, for they are all useful, there's no doubt about that.
but why did they replace this beautiful art with instant gratification and speed messaging? yes, use new technology. but use both. try both. otherwise you'll slowly grow immune to the irreplacable feeling of waiting: for something that you are desperate to own. you will never have tangible records of friendship. you won't own exotic stamps from halfway across the world: just screenshots stored in computer files that can easily be accidentally deleted. do you write letters?  do you cherish that feeling of seeing an envelope with your name on it? do you have a penpal?


  1. I really want a penpal! But no I don't really write letters, except to family members at Christmas/birthdays. WHO IS JEM THOUGH?!? (Apart from my MMC, hence my interest in everything to do with that name.)

    1. You want a penpal but you don't write letters..makes total sense. ;)

      Jem Carstairs of course..

    2. Yes because I don't have one! Gee Hawwa you just don't understand me </3

      Oh. Of course. Ugh. I'd been writing my book for a good year or something before I found out about that individual, I mean I'd heard of TMI etc but not read, and I vividly remember being on The Totally Insane Writer and she was talking about TID and mentioned "Jem" and I was SO ANNOYED BECAUSE I HAVE MONOPOLY ON THAT NAME OR AT LEAST I SHOULD. So I've still not read them, out of resentment/spite.

    3. Hahaha I know, I just chose not to acknowledge what you were saying...it's the only excitement in my life right now.

      Awh ahah so is he the main character in your book? and YOU MUST READ THEM. PLEASE. also i was joking, i don't write letters to fictional people..Jem was my penpal (short for Jemimah..)

    4. I feel that friend I feel that. Had my English exam on Thurs ... ! ALSO I JUST SENT OFF AN APPLICATION FORM FOR A GAP YAH PROJECT! Also I'm running a giveaway that ends in 1 and a quarter hours have you entered??

      Eh the main character is the narrator, Corrie, but he's one of the Key Four and a TOP BAE. I'm going to, my BFFs irl have worn me down on that score but UGH, NO JEMS BUT MY OWN PLEASE. I did wonder about the fictional character thing but hey I wouldn't judge!


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