26 March 2016

SOME AUTHORS' WRITING STYLES MAKE MY HANDS ITCH AND MY FINGERS ACHE TO STITCH MY OWN STORIES TOGETHER. one of my favourite posts from last year was 'the art of word shaking' in which i discussed the power and beauty of words. so i thought i'd create a part two to this unintentional 'series'. over the years, as an avid reader you collect fragments of inspiration from each book you read, be it the writing style, the way a book made you feel, a certain word that resonated with you - whatever it is, it sticks whether you want it to or not. for me, even the meaning of one word can inspire a whole host of ideas, so when i read books that call me to delve within them, my own heart aches to recreate that feeling with my own words.

SKETCHBOOK STORIES || chapter five [a study of time]

19 March 2016

JANUARY: 2016 // the sky is a paint palette of dark grey and black smudges, pools and washes; steel-coloured clouds float over the horizon, dripping rain onto people's bare heads, hoods, and umbrellas.


12 March 2016

A common misconception that follows me around like a shadow whenever anyone is introduced to the fact that i blog is that it must just be a bit of fun. yes, it is. i say, if i didn't enjoy it i wouldn't be doing it. but it's not a 'bit' of anything, it takes up a significant amount of time and energy and brain power and creativity.


05 March 2016

IT'S MARCH? how have already two months of 2016 post? it's both depressing and exciting [a. because exams are looming ever close but b. so are the summer holidays.] i don't plan on doing much other than revision really so if i am quiet on all social media fronts then that is why. my life is currently taken up by many different art projects, 'from defeat to unity': germany 1945-1991, a whole host of psychology topics and essays, the crucible by arthur miller [a very good play which i recommend you reading] and an exploration of language comparisons in life and literature. fun times, of course ---