30 January 2016

IT'S BEEN ONE WHOLE MONTH SINCE 2016 HAS STARTED, and I feel no different. And I've done nothing different. I've even transitioned into writing '2016' on everything instead of '2015' fairly easily for once which is actually a little worrying. I have journalled more though, thanks to Areeba and I's creative collaboration #ohjournaletc which you should be participating in..*stares*.


23 January 2016

We are officially in 2016. I am half a year closer to being old. I am still refusing to apply for my provisional license and learn how to drive. My A Level exams are breathing down my neck. Summer holidays seem so far away. BUT THE SUN IS SHINING AND THE SKY IS BLUE, (not really, this is england we're talking about.). What does all this mean though? It means my life is steeped in stress, but it also means I am aiming to sprinkle some fun into it, I am aiming to aim. I am going to be purposeful by having a clear purpose. In other words, let's make some goals for this slice of the web. Or, let's not, because I need some feedback first. (please? fill in this survey? I tried it, it took me five minutes, if you can't even spare that much time why are you reading this right now?) If you want, here is the (DIRECT LINK) otherwise, I have embedded the form below.


16 January 2016

tumbl-ing: many more photos as of late. at one point, it was addictive. then: i swept it out of my life in order to be productive and procrastinate less. now: it is my virtual mood board. [should i change the name to match all my other social media handles? i do like the name 'the flybird' but at the same time - professionalism.]
writing: this year i branched into writing articles for the guardian alongside book reviews, which i love doing and hope to continue - my 2015 thought pebbles inc. // in praise of lesser spotted YA novels // falling out of love with YA // why don't children's books talk about home-schooling? // Hermione is not black, but she's not white either...

blogging: i got a new design courtesy of my fantastic, wizard of a friend megan to coincide with my URL and blog name change to 'hawwa, etc'.
insta-gram'ing: back in the summer, i was featured on the instagram's own instagram [??!] and their blog [whereupon i shrieked internally for a good ten minutes straight] and then a month later, i was listed as a 'suggested user' [cue more internal shrieking]. therefore, i think this gives me enough validity to demand why you are not following me on instagram [if you aren't already - if you are, here's some pizza].
blogging: I passed 100,000 views sometime this year, I honestly can't remember when - I think it was pretty early, but, but - woah?! To some people that may not be a lot at all, but I am very proud of myself. I've been (properly) blogging for three years, I've made so many friends, and people actually appreciate what I'm doing?!
bloglovin': i reached 300 bloglovin' followers! which brings me to a total of -- more than five?! [the amount i had for the first half a year of blogging [which i don't really count as my first half a year of blogging due to the utter mess it all was]] which is insane?! i genuinely never thought i would still be blogging when i first started and how much i would love it. i originally started because it was something to do and it was more like my online diary which i now cringe to think of [i think my first post was me complaining about an upcoming drama and english exam..]
studying: and finally, last summer was that dreaded day: results - and for me, a previous home-educated student now at college studying AS levels, it was the worst and best day of the year. the worst because the build up to that one fateful day is intense, the worst because the college website crashed twelve times before it finally allowed me to long on, but the best because i was so so proud of my results -- now i have the joy of doing it all again for A Levels. what an exciting life i lead..
*fun fact: i kept writing 2014 in this post instead of 2015 - i clearly haven't caught up with the times yet. either that, or i am in denial that it is actually 2016 and i am getting old.


09 January 2016

THE SECRET HISTORY by donna tartt | if you've been following my blog for a while and still haven't read this book or put it on your TBR then why the heck not.

#OHJOURNALETC | introducing the project of 2016

01 January 2016

'oh areeba' + 'hawwa, etc' + a creative journalling idea = hawwaxareeba = #OhJournalEtc: a creative collaboration between one of my good blogging-friends of mine: Areeba. Each month we are going to post four creative journalling prompts on our blog, and each week we are going to complete one of those ourselves and share them on our instagram (with a wrap-up post for each of the four prompts and our responses every month, when we share the next set of prompts for the upcoming few weeks). We want it to be collaborative and inspiring, so these journalling prompts are for you too: you can complete as many pages as you want based on the prompts we post and share them under the instagram hashtag #ohjournaletc for everyone to see and take inspiration from. The four prompts for the month of January are: 1. 2016. 2. Blue. 3. Cultured. 4. "Art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something." (Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell) (p.s read Areeba's wonderful post here)