21 December 2015

looking back through the archive of my blog, seeing the array of creative and literary posts i wrote, re-experiencing the small events i shared with you all feels like taking a journey down a colourful and vibrant road to where i am now. while i posted the least i have ever done this year due to college and time restraints, what i did post i am very proud of. the fact that it was hard to pick my favourite posts of 2015 makes me immensely happy, because that was one of the aims i had of 2015: whether i could post a lot or a little, whatever i posted i wanted to be proud of. and i am. i narrowed it down though, slowly, but i did. here is what made the final cut!
THE ART OF WORD SHAKING: "Words are tangible; black text on white page; serif and sans serif; smudged and careless and hopeful and clean lines and smooth dots; passionatepurposefulindividual." - a collection of thoughts and quotes.
THE CREATIVE PROCESS V.1 | OLIVER JEFFERS: "inspiration is, as everyone always says when asked the question: what do you take inspiration from? all around us." - in which i drool over one of my favourite artist's sketchbooks and journals.
S: (THE) SECRET HISTORY BY DONNA TARTT - BOOK REVIEW: "Reading The Secret History is leaving the prosaic world of the day-to-day mundane interactions behind to enter a richly linguistic and literary world of the classics, where the characters spill greek and latin through their lips with nonchalance, enhancing the mysterious and sophic atmosphere that moulds its way around you as you read." - (one of my favourite books read in 2015.
IN WHICH I PROVIDE YOU WITH WIP SNIPPETS (AN ATTEMPT TO OVERCOME WRITER'S BLOCK): "Writer's block. How lovely to be re-acquainted with you. But - oh? I don't remember inviting you here? You invited yourself. Ah. That makes sense. Well, I'm a wee bit busy - you have nowhere else to go? What a shame. Oh yes of course, do make yourself at home, I don't mind a bit." - a slight rant, ft gifs of course.
FIELD NOTES: MOROCCO / THE STREETS V.1: "The streets are always crowded. Feet slapping, donkeys braying, men shouting, boys running up and down holding huge bottles of water, bags of food, or simply kicking a football between friends. The streets are always alive. " - I WENT TO MOROCCO?!
SKETCHBOOK STORIES | CHAPTER THREE: "Sometimes a month flashes by on invisible legs and you don't even see it as it waves goodbye, last July was one of those months for me." - an ode to july + journal photos.


  1. Well, I like all your posts. *flails and hugs them* AND YOUR PICTURES. But I particularly adored your snippets too!! :D

  2. SO I ADORE ALL THE THINGS on this blog, but gosh you're 'the art of word shaking' is by far my favourite [although your The Secret History review comes as a close second - you've convinced me so much that it's on my definite reading list for next year!]

    safah - oh, how i wander

    [ ]

  3. WAIT. and your Lake District photography post!

    OK, I'm done now. *shuffles away*

  4. I LOVE ALL YOUR POSTS - but I must say the art of word shaking was wonderful - especially because of the Sylvia Plath quote <3

  5. I had such a beautiful time going through all these posts, Hawwa. I think perhaps the Art of Word Shaking was my favourite, as so many others have echoed - there is such a certain truth there, the kind that is rare and difficult to find and only lovelier because of that. xx

  6. I've loved all the blog posts you've written this year, Hawwa! <3 Your photos of Morocco, and your blog about Oliver Jeffers were two of my favourites :)

  7. I remember reading all of your old posts when I first visited your blog (AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG just fyi) The art of word shaking is my most fave!

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