26 December 2015

attempting to whittle down my piles and piles of photos to a tiny selection of six was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do for this blog. it was painful. every single one of the photos i take i cherish. (which is probably why i have thousands and thousands of photos festering away on a USB somewhere..). so in the end, i decided to pick six of my favourite photos i've taken this year for either my blog or instagram in a certain category: art and creativity, rather than just picking from every single photo i have taken this year which would be impossible and highly time-consuming. WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTO OF THESE SIX PICKS?


21 December 2015

looking back through the archive of my blog, seeing the array of creative and literary posts i wrote, re-experiencing the small events i shared with you all feels like taking a journey down a colourful and vibrant road to where i am now. while i posted the least i have ever done this year due to college and time restraints, what i did post i am very proud of. the fact that it was hard to pick my favourite posts of 2015 makes me immensely happy, because that was one of the aims i had of 2015: whether i could post a lot or a little, whatever i posted i wanted to be proud of. and i am. i narrowed it down though, slowly, but i did. here is what made the final cut!


19 December 2015

FURRY LITTLE PEACH :: Sha'an d'Anthes is one of my favourite online artists i've ever had the honour of stumbling across. not because her work is dramatic or abstract or intense like some of the most famous artists out there, but because her illustrations have character, vibrancy and a raw beauty about them (also her videos are amazing and i wish i had her assured confidence with a pen and paint.)

wreck this journal (again)

12 December 2015

PART ONE: the I-haven't-wrecked-in-ages-and-i-have-no-idea-what-to-do-for-any-of-these-prompts-so-here's-a-cop out-drawing: