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31 October 2015

Autumn in England is probably not what people outside of the country imagine it to be. I have friends who live abroad and their misconception consists of crisp air, beautiful, vibrant leaves sitting in huge piles on the pavement, a blue sky, and sun. Sorry to burst your bubble of happiness but in reality, autumn brings cold, rain, thunderstorms, and a lot of fat grey clouds piled above your head in clumps. So yes, warm, woolly jumpers are a must, but so are waterproof coats and umbrellas (that always inevitably break and then you wonder why you invested in one in the first place). (This means, when the sun comes out, you all make the most of it.)                              When Daniel Wellington sent me a watch, I think I admired it for a good ten minutes before daring to touch it (and possibly ruin it with fingerprints). Then I told my friend that she wasn't allowed to turn up in pyjamas to college the next day because she needed to model 'a watch' for me. When she saw what watch it actually was, I think she was more excited than me. And then this happened:
1. I shot these photos in a weed-infested car park. Fashion is fabulous, what can I say.
2. My friend tried to run off with the watch because she loves it so much.
3. The back of my head now graces someone's snapchat story. Taking pictures of me unawares is a cruel thing: I don't share my best asset with everyone, honestly, you have to have permission.
4. I promise the top half of my friend's face is not actually a furry monkey, it's actually so stunning you're not allowed to see it. Privacy is important people,
5. If you want your own watch, at a 15% discount before november 15th buy me some pizza and we can have a discussion about it. Or use the code 'hawwaetc' and don't buy me pizza. If you take the latter option I'll sadly have to break all ties with you. Food before fashion, any good friend will know that.
Talk to me, did you like this post? Did you think it was boring? Do you think I should do more fashion-y type posts? Let me know! Oh, also, once again: disclaimer: the model is not me, I am not that tall, (I know, it's a hard life.) nor do I have such a great wardrobe. (Honestly, I would steal all of her clothes if I could.) watch: c/o daniel wellington | cardigan and shoes: next | everything else: I don't know.


  1. IN LOVEEE WITH THIS POST! i just got a daniel wellington watch (it came sometime last week) and WOW it's nice. i think these fashion-y posts are great! <33 short with beautiful photographs. xxx alexandra @ twirling pages

  2. I adore this post, especially that second shot - there's something so hazy and dreamy about the colours and how they blur together, it's gorgeous! pretty please more fashion posts. soon <3 [ I actually think the car park made for a pretty cool setting, very cool ;D ]

    safah - oh, how i wander

    [ ]

    1. Thank you so much Safah! AND YES I WILL, if you ask, I shall provide..;)
      Ahaha, not very glamorous on the day though!

  3. Oh, this is a lovely post, Hawwa - your friend is gorgeous, and so is that watch. ;) I must admit England autumns still sound rather dreamy to me; I think there is something enchanting about grey skies and thunderstorms, but perhaps that's just me?

    Regardless: beautiful photographs, as always. I would love more fashion-esque posts, if you would be interested in sharing them with us. xx

    1. Thank you Topaz, she is isn't she! ;) NOOO, maybe on the dry days, but NOT when it's wet (almost all the time) - grey skies and thunderstorms? Only enchanting if you're warm and cosy at home, not really when you're running between bus stops and college classes!

      Ooh thank you, I think I might!

  4. I really like that watch, but that sweater?! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! Especially now that Autumn is in full-swing and winter weather will be creeping in shortly.


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