IN WHICH I PROVIDE YOU WITH 'WIP' SNIPPETS (an attempt to overcome writer's block)

17 October 2015

Sometimes, your head explodes with ideas and your fingers can't keep up with your brain's whirring activity as it spits out reams of words and plots and plans. You type frantically at the keyboard, eyes wide, without blinking unnecessarily until you get eye ache slowly, the cogs in your brain clunk clunk clunk and - oh. there's a blob of glue slithering through your brain, coating every surface and congealing it's opaque limbs into every nook and cranny, slowing the word machine down bit by bit-
Writer's block. How lovely to be re-acquainted with you. But - oh? I don't remember inviting you here? You invited yourself. Ah. That makes sense. Well, I'm a wee bit busy - you have nowhere else to go? What a shame. Oh yes of course, do make yourself at home, I don't mind a bit.
During the summer, I set myself the challenge of completing half a draft of my current WIP: To the End and Back - (it clearly didn't happen). I had reams of ideas, I even planned. I wrote down ideas in a notebook and typed up my WIP as I wrote - and then college started, I had no time to write. My thought process consisted of: let me get settled with adjusting to my second year of college and the work load, once I've got organised I can carry on with writing. Now I'm (vaguely) organised and I have writer's block. My creative juices have been mopped up with the pages of homework I have completed, my WIP is currently a stagnant pile of text. Yesterday I re-read what I had written so far, and I genuinely enjoyed it (if I do say so myself), I'm proud of the little I have achieved (around 14,000 words so far, although there's more untyped), and hopefully one day it will become my first ever finished draft of a novel. Hopefully. Maybe. One day. So I thought I'd share a few dialogue snippets with you, because I barely ever share my work - but I want to start. Constructive criticism is welcome:
              ANYONE ELSE SUFFERING FROM WRITER'S BLOCK AT THE MOMENT? ALSO, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SNIPPETS? (ignore any mistakes, it's still a baby draft)


  1. I LOVE YOUR SNIPPETS KEEP WRITING HAWWA. Obviously, only resume writing AFTER the writer's block has gone. Trying to write now will only result in ugly tears and Mr Writer's Block will extend his stay for another month. I know, scary stuff. I get what you mean about school - homework just exhausts my brain so much that I don't have the energy to do anything but sleep and perhaps stare like a zombie whilst I watch endless amounts of Youtube. Just gotta stay strong... like literally last night I had a tiny glimmer of writing inspiration and now I'm mad at myself for not grabbing at it... instead I let it go. Again, I love your writing, Hawwa :-)

    1. Awh thank you Rebekah! HOMEWORK AND COURSEWORK AND LIFE AND HELP. Basically. Oh gosh yes, usually, I have so much work to do, that I don't do any of it. (because that makes total sense)

  2. I have a million stories going through my head, but I haven't found the courage to write them down yet. I don't even know what I'm so afraid of! Thank you for sharing these passages though. I'm curious to know what the story is about-- an apocalypse you say? I want more!

    There was one sentence that I might go back and look at: "And a furry slipper threw up and hit her squarely on the forehead".
    Does this mean a furry slipper vomited ("threw up") on Kestra? Or did a friend throw a fuzzy slipper at Kestra, which bonked her in the forehead?

    1. BUT THAT'S GREAT, write them down! I'm the type of writer that has great ideas for short stories, but can't extend anything more than that and it's AWFUL.
      Hehehe, you shall have to wait and see, I may do more snippets some time..

      Yes! I actually read that part when I was taking the screenshot but, laziness won and I didn't change it...oops..

  3. I SO LOVE YOUR SNIPPETS. Particularly the last one and the apocalypse one. XDXD They are wonderful and you should totally be proud of this!! (I spend so much time hating my own writing that if I happen to be proud of a draft or something, I basically party from the rooftops. heheh. We writers need to be kind to ourselves!!)
    WRITERS BLOCK SUCKS. :'( One of my best ways to get through it though is to say I'm NOT writing at all for a while. And then, sure enough, I feel like writing.

    1. Coming from the queen of writing..tHANK YOU. Yes, that happens a lot. What happens with me is I always love what I'm writing when I'm doing it. Then when I take a step back and leave it for a while and return a few months later I CRINGE SO BADLY because how could I have ever loved something so bad?!

  4. FOOD AND SARCASM - i love it already. [especially the last one, reminds me of Thorne from the lunar chronicles] and gah writers block is THE WORST, I think the best thing to do is to not force yourself, sometimes writing needs to rest for a little while before you carry on working on it. Hope the workload gets more manageable soon, your novel sounds awesome! *sends you WIP fairy dust*

    Safah - oh, how i wander.

    [ ]

    1. YES THANK YOU. *wipes brow*/ OOh that's good, Thorne is good. ;)


    OK OK this is my fave quote: "Show up, show up, show up and after a while the muse shows up, too." -- Isabel Allende. Don't wait to be inspired. Take inspiration in both your fists. Do not let it go. You don't need to know where you're going, you just need to know the next scene. That's enough. That's how I wrote my first novel! And if you don't know the next scene? Make it up. Write in your notebook a couple of bullet points regarding the next scene/event you *do* know is coming, and then bullet point underneath what needs to happen before that scene/event; what your characters need to do/achieve. Then write it.

    PS I changed my blog name because I am super rad.

    Love, Emily @ Ink, Inc.


      and now that is one of my favourite quotes too. *writes it down*

      P.S you're super rad? really? ;p



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