03 July 2015

#essentialsforbiblio, created by thebookishgirl was originally made for Instagram. However, because I think the tag is an tactical way to nosy into other bookish people's lives, I thought I'd dedicate a post to it. I tag ruby and alannah and sana and cait
1. post-its (of course).
2. a bookmark, although honestly, i very rarely use them. thing1 and thing2 looked cute and photogenic, so i added them in.
3. my moleskine: in case of quotes needing to be written down, notes for a book review, or doodles - if the book is boring.
4. a pencil case - self-explanatory, and why an entire case? again, if the book is boring, i'll want colours to add a pleasing aesthetic to my doodles...
5. a phone: to flail discuss books.
6. my camera: because books are more photogenic than me.
7. my wreck this journal: i am a creative human, what more can i say.
8. a book: no explanation needed
what about you? what are your essentials?


    One of my neccesseties for reading is sticky tabs that you can use to tab quotes you like. I use them all the time when I'm reading. I also finding my Ipad an essential so I can update my page status on Goodreads. And of course, bookmarks and books.

    1. THANK YOU.
      Yes, I used to use sticky tabs but I found that they would become un-sticky very easily and then would annoy me by clinging to clothes and fingers instead of book pages..

  2. A train ticket to act as a bookmark, and somewhere to write down quotations.

  3. Sticky tabs to mark my favourite quotes/scenes, post its for review notes (rarely), my phone (because duh, I can't deny twitter and goodreads of my fangirling, that would be cruel) and any scrap of paper for a bookmark (but sometimes I dog ear, *GASP* I KNOWWW I AM A REBEL IN THE MAKING). Lovely photo Hawwa! ;)

    1. Yeah..I very rarely use post-its for reviews - they're usually used for quotes instead. SAFAH - you think you're a rebel? Wait until you see what I have been doing..;O

  4. ooh i love your wreck this journal hawwa! i just got one and haven't really had the chance to do anything yet but your beautiful page is giving me inspiration haha! i don't really have a lot of essentials when it comes to reading. obviously my book and my phone for tweeting and for when i get a little bored. sometimes my ipod when i'm commuting it helps me to concentrate. always always food. i don't know why but i can't read if i'm not either drinking or eating something. usually my go to these days is iced tea and carrots. and then sometimes a bookmark or a receipt or anything to mark my place. sometimes i dog ear but yeah i don't have a lot of essentials i guess when it comes to reading.

    this was a really fun idea though and it was interesting to see what your essentials were (also your beautiful picture!!) as i'm very nosy as well haha :)

    1. Thank you Annie :) I'm glad it's inspiring you! I find the hardest moment to be actually starting a page, once i've out pen to paper and committed then I'm less reserved and no-longer have to worry about 'ruining' the page (completely the wrong idea of this journal I know but hey, I'm a perfectionist!), because I already have!
      I agree..food is a must, I'm usually eating breakfast/lunch/dinner when I read aha!
      Iced tea and carrots? Is that combination nice?!
      Thanks and hey, I TAG YOU TOO.

  5. TAG YOU'RE IT!! :DD Because you take BEOOOTIFUL photos and I wanna see you do it xD


  6. oh I ADORE that picture. Your photo skills tho. THEY ARE ALWAYS MIND BLOWING. Ahem. Ahh, I will be boring for this tag though because literally all I need is a book and bookmark. xD But I'm going to do the tag anyway! YAY AND THANK YOU!

  7. Oh man. Hawwa this is SO nice. Someone tagged me ages ago but I never got around to doing it because of school (and also because of perfectionist tendencies shhh)

    "my camera: because books are more photogenic than me." - SAME, really haha :D

  8. That picture is SO PRETTY! I also always need a book, bookmark and sticky notes! I've never really been into photography but lately I've been snapping photos of my books with my parents' old camera and I'm really beginning to enjoy it, so I've started carrying it around with me too! :)

  9. You have a Moleskine? All the jealousyyyyy. I want one simply because it's expensive and I want to try using one.

    And I'm really low maintenance. If you're asking what I need to read, I just need a book and a bookmark/anything that serves as a bookmark. But if you're asking in the scheme of bookish things, we can throw in my phone and the laptop. I think that's all I need.

  10. This photo is PERFECTION! Love this! And your blog is so pretty, by the way; the colours are so gorgeous! I am squeaking over them; they're perfect! :D

    My essentials are basic; just a book and a sticky note that doubles as a bookmark (I usually just remember the page I'm up to, though, so I have no need for a bookmark. XD). Also, chocolate, or something delectable like that. Reading is more fun while you're eating. ;)

    -Koko @ His Little Elephant.


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