16 July 2015

No, you don't need to go to the opticians to check your eyesight, you can see a change of URL. It's official, I've moved from to! I've been wanting to change my blog title (and URL - I need cohesion!) for a good long while but I never thought I'd switch from one blogger URL to another because it is a lot of hassle and I'd lose lots of followers and I didn't have the energy (basically I'm lazy). However I was persuaded by the one and only Amber (if you don't know who she is then I question your blog reading tastes) to buy a domain because:
a. then I look more professional *adjusts tie*,
b. it redirects all my links for me (apparently, I have yet to see..) 
c. then i can change my URL and blog name too.
Why would I want to change my blog name you ask? Well, I think I've alluded to, and talked about it a lot recently but I don't want my blog to be solely book based anymore. It's drifting away from that already but now the change makes it official: I want my blog to revolve around every creative-orientated thing I am passionate about: literature, art, photography, writing, travel. Not just one thing.

My blog design is obviously not going to stay the same because I am no longer It Was Lovely Reading You *sniff*, but wait! I'm still going to look fancy (why am I talking as if I am my blog?..anyway..), my good and talented friend Megan kindly worked her magic and coded me a new design (I don't know how she does it. Honestly. 'Proper' coding is like maths to me, confusing at base level (which is what I am at), although I have confidence in the fact that if I dived head on into it I day..understand at least one line-That should be up next week, but before that: IT'S EID. (tomorrow or saturday, i'm not sure which yet as I write this). So if you celebrate Eid, Eid Mubarak - and to end this jumble of a post: note down that I've changed URL, if you don't I will know, and I will track you down, because that means you don't like my blog and I am hurt, *clutches chest*. Re-follow me if you're extra cautious, like I am, that GFC will not work anymore for those already following me; and hopefully I will be sorting out bloglovin after this post is finished, so everything will automatically redirect.
I even get a cool new e-mail: (I feel so official).
P.S remember, I'm hosting a giveaway, to celebrate the opening of my shop!
Is currently extremely nervous that this whole redirecting of URL thingamebob won't work, or she will lose all her followers, or her site will constantly be down due to glitches - but can't even stress-eat for comfort because it is still Ramadan and she is fasting. The struggle. However, she is currently rather proud because her 'scheduling' goal is fast approach, as is her imminent holiday to a country that will have over 40 degree weather..wait. why is she excited about that? *slathers on sun cream*


  1. YAY FOR URL CHANGES! That's a reason I wanted to change my url too, just because I might want to blog about MORE than books one day? (And "Paper" can be art of any sort, hehe.) Anyway. I hear ya about coding. Omg, it is an unknowable language to me. But congrats on taking the plunge!

  2. Oh, I absolutely love the new URL + general blog topic, and I'm beyond excited for the new design next week! <3 I found it SO nervewracking to change to a .com URL - it was one of those things I went back and forth on forever before I took the plunge, but I'm so glad I did at last (and that you have, as well!). Looking forward to seeing the changes in the coming days. xx


  4. Don't worry, I'm still here haha! I follow by GFC and I'm still fine so yay:)


    I joke.

    Let us make a club of people following the [name] Etc. blog name format.

    I will be club president. You can be secretary. We just need a treasurer.

    (Hawwa, I'm talking rubbish, and I'm sorry. I'm tired OK??)


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