THE PACKING PROCESS | a holiday snapshot

31 July 2015

Holiday packing can be arduous, exciting, or frantic; i am the type of person that plans everything to the smallest detail. why? because i like making lists, i like crossing things off lists, and i fear the day i forget something important that i would need when going on holiday, especially if i am going abroad. 
Here is what I packed for my upcoming holiday:
1. MY CAMERA || (not pictured because I was using it to take this photo!) the most important thing for me, wherever I am going, is my camera - if i don't have it to document my trip, who and what i see, then to me, my holiday would be ruined. i'm not saying i wouldn't manage without it, but if i forgot my camera, and by extension, my camera charger/extra memory card, it'd be like i'd lost a limb.


20 July 2015

I know you have eyes but I love my new design and MEGAN's wizardry skills need to have a sole post for them to be appreciated fully. Also of note are: the sidebar image, done by this artist who kindly let me use the image of the crab she drew (why a crab? my star sign is a cancer, plus it fitted with the colour scheme and is the sassiest crustacean i've seen in a while). In addition, the hand-lettering of the blog title and sidebar 'hello' were done by yours truly, as were the footer and header patterns of orb/geometric type shapes (which you can actually buy prints of in my shop). All my pages are fully updated (except two/three) and I have a few more new pages:


16 July 2015

No, you don't need to go to the opticians to check your eyesight, you can see a change of URL. It's official, I've moved from to! I've been wanting to change my blog title (and URL - I need cohesion!) for a good long while but I never thought I'd switch from one blogger URL to another because it is a lot of hassle and I'd lose lots of followers and I didn't have the energy (basically I'm lazy). However I was persuaded by the one and only Amber (if you don't know who she is then I question your blog reading tastes) to buy a domain because:
a. then I look more professional *adjusts tie*,
b. it redirects all my links for me (apparently, I have yet to see..) 
c. then i can change my URL and blog name too.
Why would I want to change my blog name you ask? Well, I think I've alluded to, and talked about it a lot recently but I don't want my blog to be solely book based anymore. It's drifting away from that already but now the change makes it official: I want my blog to revolve around every creative-orientated thing I am passionate about: literature, art, photography, writing, travel. Not just one thing.

(giveaway): SOCIETY 6 || I'VE OPENED A SHOP

10 July 2015

I've wanted to start selling my art for about a year, but i've not had the time to actually create a shop until now. Doing my art (AS) Level took up enough of my energy for me to want to just collapse in a heap when I had any free time - but summer is for trying out new things, getting that to-do list all crossed out, and making more art. So here I am, finally. I have an online shop on SOCIETY 6 - which is almost as addictive as pinterest once you get started scrolling down.. Honestly, I don't expect to get many, if any, sales. There are so many thousands of other stunning artist selling their work on society 6 that if anyone stumbles across my little corner of the internet I will be stunned - If any of you like my work, or know anyone that would, please do let them know though. Right now I don't have many pieces of fine art up for sale because it's all in a sketchbook in college which I will only be able to get in September, so for now, there is just a mish-mash of what I have in various sketchbooks, a couple of photographs, a few geometric prints because I'm rather addicted to drawing them right now, and a handful of other random prints. Most prints are also available as wall-clocks; laptop/ipad/ipod/phone skins/cases; mugs; cushions and stationary cards, and the prints can also be bought framed or on canvas.
To celebrate the opening of my shop, I'm holding a giveaway - THE RULES: 1. must be 13 or older to enter 2. this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL 3. only one entry per household/per person, any more and you will be disqualified 4. this giveaway will end on the 31st August 2015 at 12am.
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03 July 2015

#essentialsforbiblio, created by thebookishgirl was originally made for Instagram. However, because I think the tag is an tactical way to nosy into other bookish people's lives, I thought I'd dedicate a post to it. I tag ruby and alannah and sana and cait
1. post-its (of course).
2. a bookmark, although honestly, i very rarely use them. thing1 and thing2 looked cute and photogenic, so i added them in.
3. my moleskine: in case of quotes needing to be written down, notes for a book review, or doodles - if the book is boring.
4. a pencil case - self-explanatory, and why an entire case? again, if the book is boring, i'll want colours to add a pleasing aesthetic to my doodles...
5. a phone: to flail discuss books.
6. my camera: because books are more photogenic than me.
7. my wreck this journal: i am a creative human, what more can i say.
8. a book: no explanation needed
what about you? what are your essentials?