Why THE GLORY was a glorious read (and other things)

05 February 2015

TITLE: The Glory
AUTHOR: Lauren St John  
A Girl on the Run from the Law
Alexandra Blakewood has everything any teenager could wish for, apart from the horse she'd love, but she won't stop getting into trouble. Sent to a US boot camp, she dreams of escaping. It seems impossible until she's told about a gruelling 1,200 mile horse race across the American West...
A Boy on a Mission to Save a Life
Will Greyton was the star student at his Tennessee high school until his father was laid off. Now Will works at a burger joint. When his dad falls ill, it seems things can't get any worse. An operation will save him, but there's no way to pay for it. Then Will hears about The Glory, a deadly endurance race with a $250,000 purse, open to any rider daring enough to attempt it...-amazon
1. This book spans 1,200 miles (and more). It took me two nights - and two breakfasts - to read.
When you finish this book, you'll wonder whether you were sitting on a racing horse you galloped through it so fast. Also, it's a big book. This isn't my way of bigging up the fact that I read a 200 page book in two days. My ARC is 445 pages long.
2. This book adds to my collection of books-by-Lauren St John-that-I-loved.
After reading and loving all Lauren St John's books (especially The One Dollar Horse series) I wasn't nervous at all to jump straight into The Glory because I knew it would be good and I knew it would keep me hooked. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed: the characters, the horses, the plot - I adored everything about this book and honestly, if you've not read a book by this author yet then why not?!
3. Potter approves. And if he does then so should you.
I also approve of Nina from Orion - after all she did send me this book for free in exchange for an honest review. *applause*


  1. I am a horse rider myself and adore a horse novel here and then so I'll keep a look out for this one when it releases! ;)

    1. Oooh I'm not a horse-rider..I just like taking pictures of them and wish I could go from never-riding a horse to bareback galloping sat backwards BC ALL THE SKILLS..and being able to do archery from a horse and to be able to run and leap onto a horse....;)

  2. Haha I love your title! The summary reminds me of The Scorpio Races - have you read it?

  3. What a fun review! Really must read SOMETHING by Lauren St John already.


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