28 December 2014

When a year goes by and you are actually [at least slightly] proud of some of the posts you have written, then it calls for a post. I think this year has seen the most changes implemented on my blog. I got a new design thanks to Hazel and Nikki and I swayed in the direction of less book-review orientated posts, following a more creative front as a whole. Here are 20 of my favourite posts from this year; a random assortment of book reviews and other book-related subjects.

DOORSTEP DELIGHTS .7 | why did i choose this book haul out of all the others? because a. i got a truck-load of books for some magical reason that is currently unbeknownst to me due to it being months ago, and b. dash and lily's book of dares was fantastic. [as were pretty much all the other books].

secondary characters who need their own novels

13 December 2014

because I think they're fabulous, so hundreds of other people around the world should too.
therefore when I eventually have my own group of willing minions, their first task will be to pen the wonderful novels that will star secondary characters as main characters. don't say you wouldn't be pleased. so without further ado: (and if you know me you can guess who is first.)
1. zuzana.(daughter of smoke and bone trilogy) if you didn't know I was going to say this then where have you been and why weren't you here? I actually have good reasons to place her first as well, it just isn't an irrational love for her character - how could you even say that? She is an fearless, minute czech marionette who is best friends with a blue-haired girl and doesn't blink over anything: an apocalypse? let's start making the t-shirts already, teeth-thieves, angels? lemme at it. (and yes i know she has a novella already, but give the girl space! she may be small but that doesn't mean she has nothing to say.
2. roza. (rose under fire). this book would be brimming with sass and spilling over with sarcasm. and who doesn't what a book like that? she was one of the 'rabbits' in a nazi concentration camp and consequently, after having pain and torture inflicted on her, she is merciless, mean and magnificent. oh and she's also crippled, having had things gouged out of her legs and other things put in., and hey; she's only 16.
 3. roar. (under the never sky trilogy). i really really like roar. and in most of the book i was more interested in perry than roar and what his past. so yes, i want a novel with roar and liz in. (and yes again i know the novella has been written about this, but i haven't read it yes much to my pain). so i need a novel. it makes total sense..also i'm intrigued about his talent..i want to know more about how it affects him and how he deals with it. please tell me you've all read this series i hate skirting round spoilers..
4. cadet captain thorne. (the lunar chronicles). he loves himself, he's funny, he lies all the time, so i personally would love a book by him, you wouldn't know what to expect, and half of what he says would probably be untrue. maybe even all of it to be honest. and an important question needs to be answered that i must know: did he actually start a prison riot over the soap conditions? i mean i wouldn't put it past him but really? who knows.
5. rowan. (throne of glass series). this character really intrigued me and i felt like the back-story of his life and how he came to be where he was would be such an interesting story. maybe it'll be delved into later on in the series but eh, he could have his own novel?
so i present you with an important set of two questions: if you could pick one secondary character to have their own novel who would it be? and secondly, anyone gifted in the creative writing spectrum? anyone want to be my loyal minion? anyone want to write any of these above novels? oh. that was more than two questions..