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23 June 2014

Today I thought I'd do a fun little post which sprang to mind after finishing Code Name Verity - well, not after I'd finished, after I got to that page. You know the one. And I was thinking how there are so many one word lines, or phrases that can reduce a bookworm to tears because of memories associated with a book or a character; or a line from a novel could trigger someone to burst out laughing in reckless abandon: well, here are my top five words // phrases that, paired with my emotions = feels.
KISS ME HARDY - and oh the tears, why do they never obey me? Stay where you are.
OKAY - the amount of times people say this to me and I have an internal break-down is insane.
*KISS/PUNCH*- just thinking about this character makes me smile.
ALWAYS - if you don't know why then really? Where have you been living?
DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN? - not a book, but Olaf.
Books make me smile. Books make me laugh. Books make me cry. But sometimes, it is not the entire novel that has an effect on me, but the words, the phrases; after all - it is the little things that count. What things words and phrases ensnare your heart?



    GIFs make my life. The Olaf ones :') And I need to read Code Name Verity so badly. Ahh.

  2. Really need to read Code Name Verity!
    Whenever someone says Okay, Always or Do You Want To Build A Snowman, there is this internal monologue saying "You have no idea what those words mean to me. Stop saying them!"
    God. The Feels...

  3. Only the first and last paragraph make sense to me. I feel left our of this huge inside joke.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists

  4. 100% agreeing with kiss me hardy, always and *kiss/punch* :') THEY'RE ALL AMAZING. :D Surprised you didn't put real/not real on this list because you're always going on about The Hunger Games aha. :D Talking about *kiss/punch* though, another phrase from that series is 'happy middle' which I love! :D

  5. I know the page, Hawwa. We all know the page .... excuse me whilst I go and pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

  6. THE FEELINGS THAT I AM FEELING AFTER THIS. I am just going to go hug my shelves and then maybe- JUST MAYBE -I might recover from the feels. I hate/love all the people who told me to read these books. Also- KISS ME HARDY. I swear I was in denial throughout the rest of the book after that page. I couldn't believe it. Then I had to let my self cry for about 5 mins before writing the review.


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