book review // raging star by moira young

06 June 2014

Series: Dust Lands #3
Title: Raging Star
Author: Moira Young
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: May 2014
Pages: 344
Source // Format: For Review, Paperback
Summary: When the star reader, Auriel Tai, challenged Saba to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo and the Tonton, Saba was so confident in her purpose. Then she met DeMalo and he confounded all expectations with his seductive vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo and Saba had an intense and passionate encounter - physical, emotional and psychic - that changed her life, and now he wants Saba to join him, in life and work, to create and build a healthy, stable, sustainable world…for the chosen few.
Jack’s choice is clear: to fight DeMalo and try to stop his dangerous New Eden project. Still uncertain, her connection with DeMalo a secret, Saba commits herself to the fight. Joined by her brother Lugh, anxious for the land in New Eden, Saba leads an inexperienced guerilla band against the powerfully charismatic DeMalo, in command of his settlers and the Tonton militia.
What chance do they have? Saba must act. And be willing to pay the price. -goodreads
Reading this book ruined my heart. Reading this book destroyed me. Reading this book was like fighting in a boxing match with my hands tied: i would get knocked down, i would get up. I would get knocked down, I would get up. The bruises i now have on my heart as a result of Raging Star is insane. The twists and turns, the heart-stopping, breath-stopping moments; the sadness, the pain, the love and the desperation filling this book know no bounds. Moira Young has probably written one of my favourite 'final-book-in-a-series' with this end installment of the Dust Lands Trilogy. Blood Red Road has been likened to both The Hunger Games and Divergent [although i don't know why - this series stands in a league of it's own] but this book blew their final books out of the water. The plot twists in this book gave me heart palpitations. Moira Young is able to successfully weave together many, many different stories into one coherent, beautiful whole and all i can say is wow. While there is a raw, rough undertone running through the length of the series, the novel streams effortlessly along all at the same time; the emotions erupting from the book enveloping and wrapping you up until you cannot resist and you let yourself fall into them and embrace them. Raging Star satisfies everything i have ever wanted in a final book and has pushed the boundary of my expectations for novels like these sky-high. I cannot fault this book. It engrossed me from page one and took me on a rollercoaster journey of feelings that ensnared my heart utterly and completely. 
Thanks so much to Scholastic for sending me this free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
postscript. the only thing i don't like about this series? the new covers. i much prefer the old ones.

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