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13 May 2014

 JANE HARDSTAFF author of The Executioner’s Daughter
MOSSShe’s too old now but Saoirse Ronan is the right mix of brave, thoughtful and rabbit-quick, with a fierce sense of right and wrong. It’s got to be someone who can do naïve without being too childlike. Tudor London is a tough world. To survive, Moss must draw on qualities she never knew she had.
SALTER – I’m going for a 12 year old James McAvoy. He’d be perfect – cheeky and reckless – an orphan boy prepared to do whatever it takes to stay alive. But vulnerable too.
PA – Big, gruff, protective Pa, the Tower of London’s Executioner, is a man doing the best he can in an impossible situation, I choose Sean Bean – Boromir himself – powerful player of men who struggle with the demons of their past.
THE RIVERWITCH Helena Bonham Carter would be my tattered, gothic Riverwitch. Ethereal and restless, she haunts the rivers, looking for children to snatch. There’s a fleeting tenderness underneath all malevolence and I think HBC would be brilliant at handling this contradiction.
THE RAGGED MAN – Well, I thought about Peter Capaldi, who would be excellent at harbouring a lifelong bitterness that turns him bad. But my first choice would be Tom Hiddleston – layer upon layer of hurt, cruelty and a chink of pity. Ok, he would need a lot of makeup.
ANNE BOLEYNRuth Wilson. Spirited, mischievous, sharp and ultimately compelling. The sort of woman you might fall in love with, without knowing why.
HENRY VIII  – I see Henry as a cross between Prince Harry, Alan Sugar and Elvis Presley – charismatic, ruthless and a bit rock & roll. For me, that’s basically Sean Penn. In a codpiece.
JAMIE BUXTON author of Temple Boys
Obviously I never sit around dreaming about my book being made into a film with massive stars and wall-to-wall CGI and ... No, I never do that.
But just suppose I did...
FLEA – My hero. Skinny. Small. Insane yet determined ... a young Colin Morgan (Merlin on TV)  - but madder.
THE RESULTS MAN – Villain. Utterly horrible Roman spy. Terrence Hardiman (The Demon Headmaster... Google him)
TESHA – My heroine. Independent. Brave. Wicked sense of humour. Like Jenna Coleman (Clara in Dr Who).
YESHUA – Very important character. Also known as the Magician, the Chosen One. It could only be ... drum roll ...  Daniel Radcliffe. (Harry Potter himself)
JUDEInteresting, troubled guy. Key to the story. Benedict Cumberbatch. Why not?
SOPHIA MCDOUGALL author of Mars Evacuees
There’s still time for Quvenzhane Wallis to learn a British accent and play JOSEPHINE! I think she’d be perfect.
As for the others, it’s rather difficult to think of child actors who I’m familiar with who are the right age now. For instance, Georgie Henley (who played Lucy in the most recent Narnia films) would be a great ALICE … in  around 2006.)
Similarly I haven’t seen any dramas featuring Australian-Filipino boy actors, but going by looks, JB Agustin, a Filipino child actor would make a lovely NOEL and CARL… well, maybe Sam Concepcion around ten years ago.

JASON ROHAN author of The Sword of Kuromori
I’m a movie buff. When I was a kid, my father would read the opening credits of a film and declare whether or not it would be any good based on who the director was. I’m not at that level, but I do watch most of the Hollywood blockbusters that come out each year and I know my key grip from my best boy.
Having said that, much as I would love to see The Sword of Kuromori made into a film, the casting would not be easy, as most of the talent would have to be Japanese, for obvious reasons.
The main boy character is KENNY BLACKWOOD, aged fifteen, and in Japan for the first time. As he’s a fair-haired, slightly awkward English teenager, I picture him as a younger Alex Pettyfer.
KIYOMI HARASHIMA is the female lead, a fourteen year old Japanese girl who is handy with a sword and isn’t afraid to kick ass and take names. This would have to be a breakout role for an unknown actress, but I reckon someone like a younger Jessica Jung would fit the part. She’s an American born Korean pop star who is fluent in English and can handle the physical aspects of the role.
To round out the cast, Hiroyuki Sanada would play KIYOMI'S FATHER, Colin Firth would be KENNY'S DAD and the former sumo legend Akebono would be OYAMA, the manservant.
If I can be greedy, I’d have Gareth Evans in the director’s chair and Guillermo del Toro as executive producer. I’ll do the script, thank you very much!
Thanks for stopping by everyone! If i had to choose a *favourite* dream cast i think i would pick...Jamie Buxton's because..well, Daniel Radcliff and Jenna Coleman and Benedict Cumberbatch? SOLD.

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