day two || #ukyagames - the balloon debate p.02

02 May 2014

LAURE EVE aka. MIO [The Night Itself by Zoe Marriot] - "Guys. You totally need me in this basket.
I have the world's most badass katana. I will defend you guys with my sword. My badass, badass sword that comes with a bonus Shinobu who may even be better at kicking butt than me. Sometimes. Maybe. I'm loyal to my friends and loved ones and I will lay down my life for them. Unless they're secretly a nine tailed cat demon.Then they're freaking *toast*."
KENDRA LEIGHTON aka. CHARLIE WEASLEY [Harry Potter by J.K Rowling] -"Honestly, what a pickle! It’d be nice if none of us had to go overboard, but since that’s the situation we’re facing, we’d better be practical about it. I, Charlie Weasley, can safely say I have the skills needed to succeed in these Games. I work with dragons, so I know how to keep my head and think fast in a tough situation. I love a challenge, and would far rather be doing something than lazing about. Keep me in the balloon as I'm strong enough to survive, but will play nicely and have a laugh at the same time. You can’t say fairer than that, eh?"
KIM CURRAN aka. UMBRIDGE [Harry Potter by J.K Rowling] - "Hem hem. If I may address the group. I have made my career out of bringing calm and order to troubling, chaotic situations. There is no one better to ensure the future safety of each and every person left in this basket than myself. I am a witch of immeasurable power – a power which I will use to guide this balloon home. So, I don’t want to hear any more silliness about me leaving. And don’t forget that the Ministry of Magic places a rather higher value on my life than any one else here. Should I be put in danger, I would hate to think of the consequences that might befall you. You all know, deep down, that you don’t deserve to be here. Don’t lie now. No one likes a nasty, dirty liar."
NATASHA NGAN aka. WHITE [Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve] - "The answer is simple - my power to travel is invaluable to this group. Allow me to stay, and I will come and go with supplies. I will scout ahead for danger. Keep eyes on all paths we might take. Allow me to stay, because you have no one else who can do what I do, as well as I do it. (*Checks to make sure Wren isn't on board*). And yet, possibly, I can teach you a little of my talent. Tell me, what are your dreams like ..?"
the occupants decide amongst themselves for a moment, each casting worried glances at the fangirls below. umbridge coughs slightly under her breath, her currant eyes darting up and down, toby fidgets, cruz stands stolidly like a rock, luna twirls her uncicorn shaped neclace around on her pinky with a dreamy expression on her face - every now and then waving at the group below. finally; they come to a decision and with a few grumbles, six people climb out, sweaty fingers grasping at their parachute' strings. then. they jump. toby plummets like a stone before he manages to finally grasp the pully and jet the canopy above him. white gracefully arches over the basket and floats, as light as a feather. monsieur durance [emma pass] and vanya [ellen runner] gave up their places to more worthy occupants in the name of UKYA. silver jumped, grim faced, and charlie weasley leapt over the side of the basket with a wry smile; he could handle those fangirls. he'd faced worse. and then there were six..[tbc]
do you think those six occupants should have jumped?


  1. So are these people eliminated? How are the games working?

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (

    1. Yes, all the ones that had to jump out are eliminated. :)

  2. I love Kendra Leighton's and Kim Curran's! (Harry Potter ftw hehe ;) ) To be fair, I don't really know the other characters though... :)


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