day three || #ukyagames - cornocopia crossword

03 May 2014

you have just rowed up to an island in the middle of the seait is shaped like a book and, instead of writing, the ''pages'' have been drawn on to make a crossword. you each are given an envelope with your name on. inside is a clue and a number. that number represents the word you have to fill in (eg. two down // five across) a stick has been pushed into the ground above your number and on it is a digital timer. the faster you think of your word, the more likely you will go on to the next round. a boom reverberates in the air around you, shaking the island floor. red numbers blink onto the timer, flashing past. everyone scrambles to read their clue and work out the answer before the other. the slowest six will be left stranded on the island. no-one wants to stay: 0..1..2..3..4..[click here for the crossword image].
ONE: "she's a sister with completely different ideals to her sibling. she lives in a world without the basic necessity of life, which without, everyone would die." (What is her name?) answer: *vanya*
TWO: "best friends with a know-it-all. if you add a G to the end of her name she turns into an insect!" answer: *nat*
THREE: "the name of a bird is hidden in this title. it is a bird of prey" (The-) answer: *falconer*
FOUR: "this book title is trying not to give in." answer: *resist*
FIVE: "the girl in the story makes other women look beautiful. and the country she lives in? well. once upon a time, [word] the main tourist attraction (now) was considered ugly.." answer: *eiffel tower*
SIX: "her book titles display alliteration, and oh, do you enjoy watching Downton Abbey? (Last name only) hint: her first book featured chips, beans...and a posh type of car..."
ONE: "who did Hermione think the Half Blood Prince was? (first name only) answer: *eleanor*
TWO: "where does Harriet usually end up in sticky situations?!" answer: *underatable*
THREE: "a common injury, but in this case the girl in the story has not -- a bone in her body. (book title)" answer: *fractured*
FOUR: "his name can fly, and so can he..." answer: *butterfly*
FIVE: "have you ever heard of a row of bushes that can perform magic? no. nor have I...but these ones can! (A-) answer: *hedgewitch*
SIX: "within the pages of this book, you will meet a lot of people wearing a certain type of design of nightwear.." answer: *striped*
CAROLINE [big book little book] - 10mins [*rows away*]
JO COTTERILL - 10mins49secs [*rows away*]
RITA [weaving pages] - 2mins18secs [*rows away*]
SUSIE DAY - n/a [*unable to think of word*]
GEORGIA [books and writers jnr] - 15mins [*is stranded*]
ZOE [bookhi] - 1min [*rows away*]
MARIE LOUISE-JENSEN - n/a [*unable to think of word*]
NON PRATT - 4mins51secs [*rows away*]
CARMEN REID - n/a [*unable to think of word*]
DEBBIE [snuggling on the sofa] - 11mins24secs [*is stranded*]
TILLY [hardcore heroines] - n/a [*unable to think of word*]
SOPHIA BENNET - 1min [*rows away*]
who are you backing? and who do you think will champion over the rest of the tributes?


  1. This was HARD. Omg I'm so glad I got the one minute challenge instead!

  2. I agree with Ruby! I got like three, was feeling confident then it was slow descent into the hell that is to not know an answer... yeah. Thanks a lot Hawwa.

  3. Oh dear... I could ony get two of these :/ You make a tough crossword, Hawwa! ;)

  4. I'm pretty proud of this XD At first, I had a complete blank and then I had an epiphany and as like "YES." It was really hard at first though... Haha! xx


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