day seven || #ukyagames - tribute winner interview & fave ukya

07 May 2014

The Mile Long Bookshelf] for winning the #UKYAgames 2014 and without further ado:
How does it feel to have beat both book bloggers and authors to the coveted UKYA crown?
I seriously did not expect to win as I haven't actually read much UKYA, so I'm pleasantly surprised! Do I get an actual crown? Please send me a crown. Preferably made of pizza or something. [*hands over crown made of pizza and a pringle medal*. You are now the UKYA Queen.]
Were you calm under pressure the whole time? Explain your training process -if any? Or were you confident that you would win?
 As I said, I didn't expect to win and I definitely wasn't confident at all. Training for such a prestigious event required eating a lot of macarons -a lot - and a few scrolls through the Goodreads UKYA in 2013 list... Oh, and I might have re-read The Hunger Games. Just to steal some tips from Katniss. [erm. where's my macarons?]
Are there any books you are now interested to read? Or have you read them all?
There was a question based on Shadow and Bone in the final challenge, which reminded me that I still have a copy of that on my bookshelf, unread. [WHAT AMBER?!!?!] There are two other books which I've wanted since way before this challenge, but the UKYA Games made me want them even more, which I hadn't realised was possible. The books I'm talking about are ACID by Emma Pass, and Cruel Summer by James Dawson. It seems like they have been on my wishlist for eternity. [I have read ACID and I really enjoyed it and speaking of CRUEL SUMMER, it's on my wishlist too and has been for ages and ages and ages and ages and you get the message.]
And finally - what are your two all time favourite UKYA/MG books? 
My favourite UKMG book has to be A Boy Called Hope by the wonderful Lara Williamson. It's such a beautiful book and, if you're reading this post and you haven't read A Boy Called Hope, you really should! My favourite hyped UKYA book is City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, and my favourite less-known UKYA book is The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss. I also love Pizza, Macarons and Pringles, a novel by Amber Kirk-Ford. *cough* [I think you forgot How to Have a Rapier Wit, Raise One Eyebrow and Other Coveted Talents by Hawwa aka. Zuzana]
A BOY CALLED HOPE review // Amber | Me THE YEAR OF THE RAT review // Amber | Me

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