day nine || #ukyagames - my top ten ukya picks

09 May 2014

THE ELITES by natasha ngan // as you all know i really really liked this book. and for those of you haven't read this book: think superpowers aka. flying people, action, suspense and rommmaanncee. not to mention evil people [of course].
THE GOOSE GIRL by shannon hale // this book has officially been one of my favourite's ever since i first read it [i have read it many times since]. before i read it, whenever i got asked the question of what was my favourite book i'd be like nope. CRIME. CRIME CRIME. but now i at least have a quick answer...before i say that. ;)
ROSE UNDER FIRE by elizabeth wein - i'm a big big fan of historical fiction and this book is really powerful and poignant and READ IT. apparently code name verity is even better. i've not read it yet just because i'm a mood reader and right now i'm in a dystopia/sci-fi mood. however i will read it soon and i'm psyched for elizabeth wein's next book black dove, white raven.
CROSS MY HEART by carmen reid - yep, another historical! and WHY NOT. this one is thrilling and evocative and gah. another favourite. obviously. it's in this list...
SHADOW AND BONE [series] by leigh bardugo - ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SERIES IN ALL TIME. seriously. if you've not read this then why [i'm looking at you amber...]
THE YEAR OF THE RAT by clare furniss - i know that's not in the pile [and zenn scarlett is - oops. if you've not realized. *whispers* don't look] but i picked up the wrong book and after taking over twenty photos, I'M NOT TAKING ANY MORE. deal with it. anyway. me love this book. read my review to see why. #shamelessplug #whyamihashtagging
STOLEN by lucy christopher - i went into the book with huge expectations and given all the hype, i was slightly dubious as to whether it would be as good as everyone said. but it was. it was so good. it was creepy and i read it at night and why did i do that to myself?
SOULMATES by holly bourne - SOULMATES OMG DON'T GET ME STARTED. i had panic attacks during and after this book and my heart *clutches chest* whyyy do yoouu doo thiss too mmee. i think the book has a invisible dagger hidden inside that will stab you as you read because that's what it felt like. i can't deal with this book. [in a good way!]. *keyboard smash*
GEEK GIRL [series] by holly smale - yep. it comes on pretty much every type of list i write but it's good! i will say it's not the type of book if you're looking for flowery descriptions etc. BUT. it's fun and hilarious and if you're looking for something relaxing to read then this book's perfect.
BLOOD RED ROAD [series] by moira young - i hadn't actually heard much about this book before i read it. i had heard good things but it never captured my attention. at one point i found the second book in a shop but there wasn't the first so i left it. then i saw the first book in my library and got it and read it and LOVED it.
what are your favourite ukya books? have you read any of my picks?


  1. It's so sad that I haven't read any of these books :((( but some have been on my tbr for a while. I just read your review for The Year of the Rat and it sounds really good!!

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  3. I loved Stolen and Shadow and Bone! Some of your picks are on my priority reads specifically Goose Girl (I've heard alot about Shannon Hale's works) and Code Name Verity.

  4. I feel terrible for not having read any of those books. It seems like all of them are great books, though. I'll make sure to read them some time!

    Audrey @ Geeky Chiquitas


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