day five || #ukyagames - snakes and ladders p.01

05 May 2014

everytime you roll the dice you cannot move to the 'correct' place until you have answered the question that corresponds with the space you are already filling.
me: *throws first dice* *moves to '3'*
everyone else has their goes
me: checks the question that goes with the number '3'
*answers it correctly* so rolls the dice and moves
*answers it incorrectly* so therefore i miss a go but get to move on the next go without re-answering the question.
> a dice
> a counter
if you were correct: you get to move
if you were incorrect - you don't and miss a go [obviously.. :P]
  • if you land on a snake, you only go down it if you answer the question corresponding to that square correctly.
  • if you land on a  ladder, you only go down it if you answer the question corresponding to that square incorrectly.
  1. What happened when Abel threw the first stone? [He missed the camera he was aiming for]
  2. How did the Death Eater recognize the 'real' Harry Potter? [He used his signature spell]
  3. What is Isabelle's secret hobby in Belle Epoque? [Photography]
  4. Why does everyone stare at Harriet when she goes to school at the start of 'Model Misfit'? [She still had a gold face from her photoshoot]
  5. Name two basic things Ryan doesn't know in 'After Eden'. [Who Hitler is // What pizza is]
  6. What type of building does Jenna take refuge in? [A library]
  7. What is Laureth Peak's brother called? [Benjamin]
  8. According to Isobel, where is the best place to think about deep life issues? [On the bathroom floor]
  9. Name one thing Kyla has to keep hidden because she is meant to be 'Slated'. [She is left handed]
  10. Who does Georgie end up e-mailing in Dear Dylan? [Dylan's Grandma]
  11. What are the full name of the main characters in The Diamond Thief? [Remy Brunel]
  12. Where does Rose meet one of the 'Lapins' [in Rose Under Fire]? [Block 32 - High security block
  13. What trick did Enna play on Razo and Beier in retaliation to their coloured egg trick in The Goose Girl? [Rigged a bucket of oatmeal to land on their heads].
  14. What does Isla build in Flyaway? [Swan wings]
  15. How many seconds does it take for a silence to become awkward [in Model Misfit]? [Four]
  16. What is the street of Casey Blue's riding school nicknamed in The One Dollar Horse? [Hopeless Lane]
  17. What does Ruby keep losing because she won't get it fixed [in Ruby Redfort]? [Her watch]
  18. Where is Iris's favourite place to meet Trick in Infinite Sky? [Her corn den]
  19. Finish the quote: "You could have got us killed..." [..Or worse, expelled!]
  20. What colour are the Materealki's kefta's in Shadow & Bone? [Dark purple]
  21. Start the end of this quote: " burning newspaper." [..The sky was yellow.."]
  22. What is Alina from Shadow and Bone's second name? [Starkov]
  23. Who says: "Tortoises are incredible creatures..what they lack in knowledge they make up for in their ability to curl up and defend themselves from predators.." [Harriet's dad]
  24. What does Max give Abbie at the airport in Freaks? [A yellow scarf (the one she gave him but cut in half)]

Do you want to try this? Well click [here], print out and play the snakes and ladders game for yourself.


  1. Haha, don't worry, you're not talking to yourself ;)
    This whole UKYA games thing looks really fun! Kudos to you for all the imagination and organisation you must have put into it! :D
    I think I shall be printing this off and having a go myself when I am little less busy (GCSEs commencing in... *GASP* exactly a week...oh goodness!! :O)

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