book review // we were liars by e. lockhart

18 May 2014

title: we were liars
author: e. lockhart
publisher: hot key books
publication date: may 15th 2014
source // format: for review, paperback
 summary: we are the liars.
we are beautiful, privileged, and live a life of carefree luxury.
we are cracked and broken.
a story of love and romance.
a tale of tragedy.
which are lies?
which is truth?
you decide. -goodreads
what did i just read? we were liars is both the most confusing and most satisfying book i have read this year. e. lockhart's style of writing is so unique and fresh; pebbled beaches and ice cream. sometimes you will forget that this book is even set in the modern world. the island seems like a whole other dimension; but that is the point of the book and the crux of the action. throughout the whole book [and i read it in one sitting], i never once lifted my eyes from the page. it is true that i generally don't read this 'type' of book. but this book doesn't have a 'type'. it stands on a shelf of its own. the book seems simple enough on the outside: you read it, you make educated guesses - the story all seems to lead you to a couple of sound conclusions. but then when you get to the end, all your expectations are dispelled in a clean swipe, all you have left is shock and the dawning realization that the whole book was a lie - or truth. both? after all, they were called the liars. the book title tells you that. yes you don't make the connection until it is handed to you along with the skeletons of the past; of summer fifteen. so you will flip back pages, right to the beginning, maybe re-read a few chapters; try to see what you missed. even if you look out for it you won't find it until it wants to be found. e. lockhart is skillful at playing hide and seek with her writing. maybe we're just bad at looking, but she is undoubtedly very good at hiding.
*thank you to hot key books for sending me this book free of charge for review purposes.


  1. SUPER CONFUSED BYT THIS BOOK. I really want to read this one, just because everyone is saying it's so different and that really makes me curious. I would love to read this and I keep hearing all the positive feedback. I'm looking forward to reading this sometime soon!

  2. Lovley mini review! :D


    What I'm trying to say is great mini review! This sounds amazing :)

  4. Even your review makes this book seem mysterious! I swear I need to know what happened in summer fifteen. Cannot wait to read this book <3

  5. I thought you'd convince me to buy this book! But you've also made me all jumpy and needy for it. Man, you're good! :p

    Brilliant review. You never gave anything away but still kept the mystery alive! :D

  6. Desperate to read this! You have 100% convinced me. I want to know the ending!!!


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