book review // dreams of gods and monsters by laini taylor

21 May 2014

title: dreams of gods and monsters
author: laini taylor
publisher: hodder & stoughton
publication date: april 17th 2014
pages: 613
source // format: for review, hardback
originally posted on: the guardian website
summary: by way of a staggering deception, karou has taken control of the chimaera rebellion and is intent on steering its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her, if there can even be a future for the chimaera in war-ravaged eretz. -goodreads
this review is going to be speckled with references that will make no sense to someone who hasn't read the book yet. to which i say: good. at least nothing will be spoiled. so can we just talk about the freaking awesomeness of this book? laini has managed to go above and beyond the expectations i had [and i had many]. to those who think of this book as another of those which are the worst, the most downtrodden, of course it was bad it was the last in a series, all i ask is did you even read the book?
now. onto the cake. WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR ME TO GET MY SLICE? i was starving by the time it arrived. seriously laini, get your priorities right. cake before the apocalypse. not after. next. onto the violin. mik you freaking genius can i have some of the spoils? some? i mean, you did break the three wish rule. i promise i won't. *maybe*. oh and can someone tell me whether zuzana ever made those t-shirts? I NEED ONE. onto zuzana. lots of zuzana. that eyebrow paragraph. was laini actually talking about me or talking about me? me. i thought so. zuze has skills in the -ehem- department. wait. what did you think of when i said ehem? i meant the shower stall. yeah. that. she's good. she's also good at the whole *decision-making* thing. I WANTED MORE OF THAT. honestly. two lines isn't enough. give me more of zuzana and mik [and karou and akiva obviously]. but just. more. [i feel like oliver twist right now but i didn't draw the short straw - i'm here of my own accord.] oh and zuze
and. ziri. liraz - and all that business. i shall leave you to remember. or stare clueless at the screen. either way i'm off. to cuddle my book. or wish for me. yeah mik i could do with a bruxis] also this is the first time i have written a review and used the author's first name only. i don't apologise for not being professional because feels. and laini is my friend [whether she knows it or not]. i need to put her in my pocket and hopefully she won't bite like my favourite rabid fairy.
in conclusion this book made me re-enact hundreds of my favourite gifs with vigour. think asdfghjkl paired with a drunk hyper jennifer lawrence and a lot of of inner cursing[ then add a stuttering heart, feels [thousands and thousands] ans bliss. finally, picture a teenage girl swimming in a sea of beautiful, vivid, breath-taking words: and wanting to jump in the book while simultaneously wanting to pull the characters out and just be friends. got it? yeah. me right now.
karou, with her blue hair, soft smile and an even softer heart. zuzana, the marionette-sized girl with enough quips to last a life time, with enough loyalty to win a war, with enough love to make the hardest hearted person thaw a little. it feels like i know the inside out and back to front: akiva, the angel who's life changed with a glimpse of a wishbone; mik and his blessed violin. liraz, ziri, thiago, issa, eliza everyone. they were my touchstones to a whole other world and who made me laugh, smile and cry; sometimes all at once. laini taylor is capable of capturing your heart in a bottle and tossing it on a storm swept sea of emotions that will whip through you like a tornado. she creates characters in such perfect dimensions that that soon stop being paper-thin and blossom into people. people who shared their sorrows, heart break and happiness with me.
it would be an understatement to say i am sad to leave them and their journey. dreams and gods of monsters will ensnare your heart, tear it into shreds; it will bandage it up, tear it to shreds once again. and then re-bandage it. it will keep you in a land of limbo: your desire to know what's going to happen next and your absolute need for it never to end will pull at you from all sides. laini taylor boundlessly crosses and matches and weaves her words of golden thread into a tapestry so thick with twists, turns and tenderness; so magnificent and majestic that it will captivate your gaze completely and utterly. this book should come with a warning, for while the skies may be bruised in eretz - your heart will suffer with it too.  [million] stars.
i read the whole book in one sitting. i deserve a cake medal. also a million thanks to the lovely emily from guardian books for sending me this for free. *dances*
postscript: the first review was written two minutes after finishing the book. the second a couple of days after.


  1. that was a lot of feels and summed up the book well
    I just wanted more of every character

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (

  2. YESSSS!! This is one hell of an amazing book!! Now you need to read the rest of the books STAT!! And do not miss the novella, it's all about Zuze and Mik!!

  3. I absolutely love this series! I want more of Eretz and their chimeras and seraphims!!

    The ending feels like Laini's hinting us that there could be a spin-off, what with the new characters suddenly popping out of nowhere, I'm positive that there is! Don't you think?


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