a few changes [& survey]

14 May 2014

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this is just going to be a quick post to tell you about a few changes that are going to happen over the next month or so. if you didn't already know, i want to switch around the priorities of blog posts on my blog. i want to do more creative posts while still reviewing. i feel like my blog has been taken over by my reviews and while i like writing them, i want my blog to be a place of variety. so. the changes:
a. i will be requesting less books for review so my blog doesn't get *clogged* up by my reviews. i will still be reviewing. never fear. xD this is a book blog after all. i'm just going to be reviewing less books because i will have been sent less. time to get picky..
b. i will be posting more creative, visual, personal posts. i'm so excited for this!!!
c. new blog design. i mentioned it in my april wrap up post, but *soon* hopefully. i will have a new blog design! more on that later though..
d. from now until 6th June i will be posting all my reviews that i have already written and scheduled. this does not mean i just want to get *rid* of them. some of them i am very very proud of and some of them are books HIGH on my books-i-love list. i am just posting them one after the other so i can start *fresh* once i come back from reviewing. which brings me onto my final point.
e. i am going to be taking a sort of hiatus from my blog until i have finished my exams so i have no excuse for procrastination [!!]. as i have said: i have scheduled quite a few reviews but i just won't be commenting on any blogs and replying to any comments i receive, so don't think i'm ignoring you!
18th may // we were liars by e. lockhart [rather proud of this one]
21st may // dreams of gods and monsters by laini taylor [and this. OBVIOUSLY]
25th may // the geography of you and me by jennifer e. smith
29th may // tease by amanda maciel and the one safe place by tania unsworth
2nd june // siege and storm by leigh bardugo [and this]
6th june // raging star by moira young [and this, basically, all of them]
i hope you all do read them because i'm super proud of all of them and good luck to everyone taking exams. *flails*

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  1. I did the survey :)

  2. So excited to see your new blog design and your review of We Were Liars!!! Will be checking back on your blog for those creative posts too :)

  3. Your survey was quite extensive! Good Job on it!

  4. Hey Hawwa! Reading this I realise that I am back from my hiatus just as you go on yours ... but soon we shall reconverge! Good luck with your exams :)

  5. I filled your survey in! And, um, about the blog design...I am working on it! I'm just a slow coder and I've been trying to work bits out, but I've also picked up a lot of extra hours at work. IT WILL HAPPEN! Don't worry. :) <3


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