zuzana // alter ego

14 April 2014

You all know how much I love Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke &; Bone, and if you don't then who are you? Zuzana Nováková, is Karou's best friend. Described as being "...a tiny fairy. A rabid one that bites."  she sends THE BEST E-MAILS EVER and is a loyal friend, unfazed by almost nothing, throw something at her and she'll swat it away - with a comment - always the comments. ;) She is hilarious, tiny, and did i mention tiny?! Honestly - she is “child-size” although Karou calls her “marionette-size”. 

zuzana in a nutshell
She  is a Czech native, from a long line of marionette artisans and works as an assistant to puppeteers on the weekends, going to an art school during the week (yes, hello, i love art too..;)). She is *ehem* extremely bossy and a master of the eyebrow arch and uber quirky. She loves vintage things and..wait..I'm basically describing myself here..*flips hair*
When I first ''met'' her I was like..oh she's cool. And then I REALLY met her and I was like, YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I'm tiny, she's tiny. I'm (I hope) a little but funny, she IS funny. The only thing that differs between us is:
a) she's bolder than me.
b) she wears platform shoes.

when i heard about her e-book
Back to her e-mails, because I can't get enough of them - they remind me of my own, which I am rather proud of. She is a total fangirl and the things she comes out with crack me up. If she were real, well, she'd be my best friend no question about it. Although I kind of like 'being' her so..
She has her own book (e-book sadly enough so I still haven't read it *weeps*) which is called NIGHT OF CAKE AND PUPPETS (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #2.5) and my two of favourite things she does are 'virtual' ones., which I use a LOT. *shakes tiny fist* and *strums lip* < it basically sums her up perfectly.
“Hey! My body may be small, but my soul is large. It’s why I wear platforms. So I can reach the top of my soul.”
“I hate tights.” 
 "Well, let me add them to the list.  This morning you hate, let me see, men in hats, wiener dogs-” “Wiener dog OWNERS,” Zuzana corrected.  “You’d have to have, like LENTIL for a soul to hate wiener dogs.”
“Because how fun right?” Zuzana had rubbed her hands together in mock glee.  “Oh, boy the Apocalypse!
She thought Zuzana’s tininess was perfect.  Like a fairy you found in the woods and wanted to put in your pocket.  Though in Zuzana’s case the fairy was likely to be rabid and BITE.”
“My phone buzzes. It’s from Karou: a list of conversation openers that I won’t be needing.
—a) Hi. I’m Zuzana. I’m actually a marionette brought to life by the Blue Fairy, and the only way I can gain a soul is if a human falls in love with me. Help a puppet out?
—b) Hi. I’m Zuzana. The touch of my lips imparts immortality. Just sayin’.
—c) Hi. I’m Zuzana. I think I might like you.” 
“I start to wonder if I’m being creepy. I mean, I am creeping. Does creep-ing automatically make one creep-y? Or are there dispensations for…romance? I bet all stalkers believe they’re being romantic. I did it for love, officer.”
“It’s not stalking if you don't follow them home, right?” 
“I have never in my life typed a heart symbol. Those are for milquetoast girls. Karou will probably think my phone’s been stolen – or possibly my body, by a lovelorn alien. I send the text anyway.
This is what comes back: …who is this??” 
“Have I crossed the line? I'm about to peer in through a window at Mik. For some reason, this feels worse than peering out a window, as I was just doing with a fairly clear conscience. After all, peeping toms peep in, not out. But this is still a public space, I argue to myself. I'm not peeping in his window. I would never do that. This is a cafe. Moreover, it's kind of my cafe. Mine and Karou's. In no legally recognized way, of course. We don't own it, except spiritually.
Which is a much higher court than actual real estate ownership.” 
do you have an alter ego? who is he/she? and more importantly. HAVE YOU MET ZUZANA?


  1. THIS. POST.

    Ahh this is so accurate I want to cry haha. I'm so sad you haven't read Night of Cakes and Puppets because it's so damn lovely. :') Seriously, it made me love Zuzanna even more.

    My alter ego would probably be Arya Stark from Game of Thrones… but I don't really have a definitive alter ego. :(

  2. WOW.
    I love this post. I've not actually read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Well, I've read a couple of chapters in Waterstones and really enjoyed what I read... but I don't own a copy...yet. Zuzana sounds amazing and I definitely what to read more about her.

    I don't have an alter ego, but if I did it would probably be Hermione Granger. My parents used to compare me to her when I was little and still do. :D

  3. I love this post! Zuze ist THE BEST! I think she should get her own story (besides that short story which was soooo good. She and Mik are the cutes!)

    I've come across a few characters who had something in common with me but never one I would call my alter ego.

  4. I love Zuzanna and Mik, but I haven't read any of the e-books which makes me so sad. I'm reading the Dreams of Gods and Monsters which is so heartbreaking.

    My alter ego would be Alina Starkov (Shadow and Bone) or ....

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (ya-bookologists.blogspot.com)

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