in which i reveal my new project // the #UKYAgames

07 April 2014

I can now reveal something I have been madly working on [and still am] for a while now. I first got the idea when..I was bored..and procrastinating from work [aren't all good ideas the product of random thoughts processing due to boredom?!]. I had just re-read Catching Fire and was thinking about UKYA simultaneously [read SIMULTANEOUSLY. not, s[eye]multaneously - why do Americans do that?] and then BAM, I thought, why not hold an UKYA games, for fun, and to promote UKYA at the same time? So here we are. I am going to be holding a 10 day feature for promoting UKYA, held from the 1st May - 10th May. There will be 24 tributes. 12 UK authors, 11 UK bloggers [and one honorary Irish cabbehj aka Irish blogger] and they will be going head to head in challenges to do with UKYA knowledge. There will be four different challenges and the winner at the end will be crowned UKYA King/Queen of the blogosphere. You can follow the proceedings and enter exclusive giveaways with #ukyagames [starting now].
1st May // meet the tributes p.01 + p.02
2nd May // the balloon debate p.01 + p.02
3rd May // cornucopia crosswords & [results]
4th May // one min book title challenge + results
5th May // snakes and ladders p.01 
6th May // snakes and ladders p.01 [+ results]
7th May // tribute winner interview 
8th May // clare furniss' top five ukya books.
9th May // my top ten ukya picks 
10th May // farewell and huge giveaway [INT'L]
I hope you're all as excited as me and I expect you all to save the dates in your diaries [but who uses diaries these days? SAVE IT IN THE NOTES OF YOUR PHONE OKAY?]. Anyway, I'm off to plan some more and who knew it would be so hard to force get people to complete challenges on top and make sure their answers are right to challenges and format and plan and write  and schedule posts and what am i saying i knew how hard it would be that's the life of a blogger anyway. What have I got myself into? 


  1. this seems like such a good idea! very excited to see what happens! :) x

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. I would totally want to be crowned UKYA queen of the blogosphere! Look forward to this :)

  3. Oooh so the last challenge is snakes and ladders? I feel like I'm going to come 4th, but ah well, it has been SO much fun to be a part of this!

  4. Sounds great! I'm looking forward to this :)


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