doorstep delights #9

26 April 2014

SMART by kim slater // i've already read this book and while i didn't think it was as good as i've heard people say it is i enjoyed it and finished it in one sitting. don't get me wrong i like it a lot i just wouldn't give it five stars. i give five stars very sparsely [unless the author is rainbow rowell, john green, marissa meyer or laini taylor..]
POPULAR: VINTAGE WISDOM FOR A MODERN GEEK by maya van waganen // currently reading. this type of book [written by a teen] makes me want to give up on life. because why can't i write a book. i fail every time *le sigh*. talking of the book though: it is enjoyable, funny, and a nice light read: perfect for exam times...
TROUBLE by non pratt // i finished this one a few weeks ago and really loved it. it's not the type of book i usually go for but because i'd heard such great things about it i thought i'd give it a try and i'm so glad i did. that ending though. 
SHADOWLARK by meaghan spooner // read it loved it nothing much else to say. the author's writing is stunning thank you uber muchly to debbie for sending me this you're awesome. :)
UNDER NAMELESS STARS by christian schoon // i squeed when i saw this. then jumped up and down. and danced. and stroked the cover [isn't it pretty?] i've not started this one yet but i really really want to. i also want a rikkaset. anyone?
THE DUST LANDS TRILOGY by moira young // FINALLY. FINALLY. I CAN READ THESE. *prances* the first book is one of my top ten ukya as you will see soon and i got the chance to interview moira young on my blog [read it here]. read them. everyone. *looks around with a commanding gaze*
IF YOU FIND ME by emily murdoch // if you've been reading my blog for a while you will know this is one of my favourite books ever and that i actually already have a hardback of this. however, a few weeks ago the lovely nina from orion gave me the opportunity to ask emily murdoch some questions, and then a while later a pretty hardback of her book landed on my doorstep. SIGNED. PERSONALIZED. *dances awkwardly on bed*.
DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE TRILOGY by laini taylor // *flaps arms* *dances* asdfghjkl. is all i can say. i won SIGNED COPIES of the first and last book [i won the whole series in hardback but the second book isn't signed] and the last book has A DRAWING OF KAROU DONE BY LAINI IN IT. As you probably know i've already read the first two and I recently did a post on my love for the characters. I DON'T WANT THIS TRILOGY TO END.
DANGEROUS by shannon hale // you all know how much i loved the goose girl, shannon hale's debut novel, so I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS.
THE GEOGRAPHY OF YOU AND ME by jennifer e. smith // read it. loved it. review to come.
so that's my book haul for the month of april. what do you think of the new layout? do you prefer it? i thought it would be more interesting if i talked about the books i was most excited to receive and if i cut out the list of book titles it would make the post shorter. thank you so so much to all the wonderful bloggers and publishers who sent me books including: harper collins, electric monkey, penguin, non pratt, spinebreakers, debbie, piccadilly press, hot key books, andersen press, nina and emily murdoch, scholastic, strange chemistry and curious fox. *sends book shaped cake slices to you all*
what books did you get this month? have you read any of the books i received?


  1. we were liars. yes. hawwa. read it. now. and weep with me. :') very jealous about popular, too! I've heard so much about that! And also, obviously, Smart and Trouble... *weeps* I must buy trouble. asap. :D

  2. Pretty books! :)) But, urgh, where to start?

    Well obviously DOGAM is the one I'm fangirling over the most because ahhhhh I'm currently reading it. Be prepared for all the emails I'll be sending.

    AND OMG HAWWA YOU LUCKY THING – do you know how much I want We Were Liars?! Well, A LOT. You need to tell me how it goes! Plus the Dust Lands trilogy looks so perfect all together like that – I looooove the trilogy! :) Basically, all these books look amazing and I'm expecting a full report on how all of them go. ;)

    The gif is beautiful… so jealous of your TWO signed copies! Although, I love my one signed copy. :)

  3. What a fantastic haul! I love all the pretty book piles!
    I also want a rikkaset, Katie was so adorable and smart!
    I still need to finish Dreams of Gods and Monsters, but I'm not ready for the trilogy to end and my heart can't deal with all the emotions!
    Happy reading!

  4. So. many. books!! Out of your list, I want to read Trouble, The Geography of You and Me and the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy - I've heard great things about these so really want to get my hands on them!

  5. Great Haul! I love how you included a gif.
    So many fantastic books, and for once, some that I've actually read. Hope you enjoy Just Like Fate, it's an... interesting read to say the least.
    I know I ask this every time, but seriously, where are you going to put all of these books?!?

  6. You got some great books, but those signed copies from Laini Taylor caught my eyes. Pretty <3 Happy reading!

  7. Um wow, I LOVE the book photos you took. Especially of Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy 'cause UK hardbacks. They're lovely and so very pretty. The Dust trilogy looks so cool.

    I'm excited to read The Geography of You and Me and We Were Liars.

    Happy reading. =D

  8. Aahahhahah so many good boooooks. I know what you mean about teen writers, makes me seem like suuuch a fail haha. I'd love to read the geog of you and me but I wasnt too wowed by tje statistical probability of love at first sight soo... how arre you?? Hope exams are going well my first one is soon and I'm dying here. Ahhhh so scared :'/. We were liars looks so good you have to tell me if you enjoy it :))

  9. GAH! So many books! I've read We Were Liars and it blew my mind. I also love the dustlands trilogy! I would want to read the geography of you and me soon


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