april // wrap-up 2014

30 April 2014

made space this time. it's a couple of weeks until exam time so my scheduled posts have come in very handy as i've not written any posts at all this month [not counting the #ukyagames posts]. speaking of the ukya games, it starts tomorrow! i hope you all read them as it took me a very long time to put together and organize and right up! anyway. without further ado >>
UNREMEMBERED by jessica brody //   1/2
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by laini taylor [re-read]
Dreams of Gods and Monsters by laini taylor [asdfghjkl]
The Fearless by emma pass
A Tinfoil Sky by cyndi sand-eveland
The Geography of You and Me by jennifer e. smith
Shadow and Bone // Siege and Storm by leigh bardugo [re-read]
Seven Second Delay by tom easton
Skylark by meaghan spooner
Smart by kim slater
Trouble by non pratt
Just Like Fate by suzanne young & cat patrick
We Were Liars by e lockhart
Love Letters to the Dead by ava dellaria
I got the chance to interview LAINI TAYLOR. *dies a thousand deaths of happiness*
Nikki over at The Paper Sea was lovely enough to allow me to take over blog with craziness and gifs.
I discussed book photography with Hazel [Stay Bookish] on Nuz [Say it with Books's] blog.
APRIL reads:
The Blog Notes Project [the mile long bookshelf]
I'm Unproductive [feed me books now]
LOOK OUT FOR in may:
i. the long awaited #ukyagames project. starts tomorrow!
ii. a graphic [yay, nay? what do you think?]
iii. a couple more reviews
iv. another discussion
v. my ninth book haul
seven reviews and seven non-reviews. fourteen posts. not bad for four weeks i hope! this month i've been getting into a lot more excitement over booktubing. i really want to do it [but i'm not allowed] so sad face. some of my favorites are this video on reorganizing a bookshelf in order of colour [hashtag rainbow bookshelves ftw], and all the little book owl's videos. also *dramatic gasp* be prepared for a new blog look. yes. i know. i keep changing it. but hopefully i'll keep this one! lastly. I WANT A NEW BOOKSHELF. but i'm not allowed. apparently my room will look too *cluttered*. books do not clutter. it's a well-known fact *le sigh*. i wish i could have book shelves on the wall instead of a book case. but that will never happen and it is annoying me because all my books are piled and stacked anywhere and everywhere and even though they are all in colour order they're not at the same time because i don't have space. bookcases are limiting. #profoundthingsisay. but. who wants a bookshelf tour?  

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  1. SO. MANY. BOOKS. AND. REVIEWS. AND. POSTS. O.o You are pretty awesome with your book reading skills and the fact that you got to interview LAINI TAYLOR! I haven't even read her books yet, and I'm still jealous! I just KNOW that she's awesome ;) I hope you have a great may! I look forward to seeing your new blog design- I keep changing mine too.. Not happy with it at the moment, but I don't have any ideas on what would suit my blog..HELP! Haha!

    Rita xx


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