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01 March 2014

Today I thought I would discuss bookish habits - and whether they actually benefit us book eaters or not. I don’t think I have many...I think? I always used to tell myself that I wouldn’t generate any specific habits because I didn’t think there was any point - for example, judging books by their covers / blurbs - everyone knows its not a good thing to do but lots of people do it. One habit I have that I think is *slightly* weird (does anyone else do this?) is that I always stop reading at a chapter that is a multiple of five. If i carry on reading, say I get to 15 and I read the first page of the next chapter and am like I REALLY NEED TO CARRY ON, I never just read that chapter, I always stop at the next multiple of five. Which generally means I read the whole book *cough*.
One major book habit I can't seem to get rid of that may benefit me in the long run (ehem) but definitely is not kind on my purse is I CAN'T SAY NO TO BOOKS. I think every book lover in the world has this problem but seriously. WHAT DO I DO. If i'm within a mile radius of bookshops // libraries I know. I gravitate towards them, and generally, end up buying at least one. Are there any cures because I REALLY NEED ONE.
Another thing I want to talk about - reading books in one sitting. I do it so often and i don’t know whether I should.
a) it means I have to write a review practically every day and I AM TOO LAZY FOR THAT. So then what happens is it gets left and left and left, and by the time I do get round to it I’ve read so many other books since then that I can barely remember what I wanted to write in my review. (Although right now i’ve been pretty good with writing reviews. I have TEN POSTS SCHEDULED. *fist pump*).
b) Does it mean I read too fast?...I did this survey thing and apparently I can read 688 words per minute. 175% above national average...IS THAT WEIRD OR COOL?
I also never DNF a book. Well, I try not to. Usually If i’m not enjoying a book I put it down, but also keep it in the back of my mind that I will pick it up sooner or later. My reason is because sometimes, while I will never actually love that book totally, the ending may change my view of the author’s writing and I may pick up one of their other books and really enjoy it. - It has happened so I’m not just stabbing in the dark and hoping one day that will happen! I can only ever remember one book i have DNF-ed and still not got back to yet…*whispers* Twinmaker by Sean Williams. I was so hyped about it and then when I got it it was CONFUSING AND EURGH. I will pick it up again though. I think. I just don't know when...
I book push A LOT. I mean, who doesn't? But only if I absolutely LOVED the book. I also have a huge problem when I see someone reading a book I loved, I can't contain myself and I have to ask them where they are, what page they've got to, what's happening etc. I get scarily close to revealing spoilers though, when I say, have you got to - place yet?


  1. I can never read one chapter...or three...or five...I read in multiples of two. :3 I hardly ever read a book in one sitting because I'm usually tired when I'm reading and fall asleep before I can read the full book, haha :'D xx

    Through A Cat's Eyes

    1. Ooh i couldn't do that! Lol I get tired but I MAKE myself read more (especially if it's a really good book!) Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. I definitely share the 'cant say no to books' problem. Especially secondhand/cheap when I see books that others have recced, then I think I should get it now because I should have read it already. Not that I have time to read any >..< I also am bad at letting reviews stack up. I just need someone to pensive my thoughts and write them for me...

    1. I know you can't Debbbiieee. :P YES. I think we should invent something like that..*waves wand*

  3. The first book I loved enough to call one of my favorites was Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, and the main character in it always slept with a book under her pillow. Ever since, I have too.

    1. Oooh i've read that!..But doesn't it hurt?! o.O

  4. I cannot read a chapter or two at a time. I sit down and devour the WHOLE thing. LOL! ;)

  5. I think I blogged about this before a long time ago. For me, i like to keep all my books tidy, that's the main habit for me. I used to inky stop read at the next chapter but I got lazy with read so I stopped doing that. :P

    I don't really have many more habits. O.o I DNF books all the time meheheh.

    ^^Audrey removed her comment WHAT IS SHE HIDING

    -best wishes from a broccoli stuck in a patch full of cabbehj

    1. Did yoouuuu? inky? you keep saying that..:P
      I KNOW YOU DO. >.>
      Hehe no i think she commented the same thing twice? :P
      - thanks from the rabid fairy

  6. I used to be very good at not-DNF a book, but lately I've been thinking how pointless it is for me to read a book I'm clearly not enjoying :) So I'm getting easier at it. Whenever I see a bookstore, I HAVE TO GO INSIDE. And most of the times I have to bring a book with me too, of course.

  7. I honestly felt like I was reading a post written by me because I HAVE ALL THE SAME HABITS AS YOU. I usually read a book in one sitting/one day if I read it at school and I also usually end up just finishing a book instead of saying "oh i'll stop at chapter 30" because why stop when you can finish?

  8. Ohmygosh yes with the multiples of five. I ALWAYS have to stop at a chapter that is divisible by five, otherwise I feel kind of anxious, and need to keep reading UNTIL I get to a multiple of five. So you're not alone!
    I cannot leave a store that sells books without buying one. They call to me. They have a siren song that I simply cannot resist.
    I absolutely love reading books in one sitting. It makes it feel kind of real, in a sense. I just like truly immersing myself in the world and story and characters, and not leaving for an extended period once. Alas, I cannot do this as often as I would like. And you're right. They require the review to be written much more quickly than when you read a book at a normal pace. Especially if you do it a few days in a row. Because it all happened in one day, my memory is not as good when it comes to writing the review, haha.
    I have only ever DNFd one book, as well. But I know I will not go back to it, because it was causing me pain to read it. Which is why I stopped. It was like a 'prequel retelling' of one of my favourite books and the author was just making up all this stuff and I simply could not handle it.
    I don't think I book push a lot. It only really happens if I know or think the person would love it.
    If someone's reading a favourite book of mine, I usually just wait for them to review it - if I don't know the person that well. otherwise I will ask a general 'how are you liking it?' question. I don't want them to feel like I am pressuring them to like it, haha.

  9. I definitely understand about book reviews stacking up and stuff. I mean, you have to think about whether the plot was good, what was unique about the characters, etc. So much work.
    It's not weird that you read 175% faster than the national average! That is SO cool.
    Also, my sister asks me all sorts of questions about what I'm reading if she's already read it and loved it. Every time she starts to open her mouth I scream "NO SPOILERS" because she has tendencies to spit something out lol.
    I used to not DNF at all but now I will once in a while...if I do, it means that I really didn't like the book.

  10. Fantastic post!

    I completely agree! We went past a bookstore today but I couldn't go on because we were in a rush and it was torture. I never read a book in one sitting, I like taking my time when reading :)

  11. Multiples of five? No wonder you get through books so fast! I don't read in any multiples of anything. I usually keep reading until I hit the next chapter then stop. Sometimes, if I'm practically falling asleep on the book, I'll stop wherever but that just ever so slightly flares up my OCD. *cough* HOLY CRAP, 175% above average?! You must point me in the direction of this survey so I can test myself! I also usually buy a book or two whenever I'm in a book shop... Though, now I think about it, I walked out without buying one this week! *gasps*

    Nice getting to know you're habits! ;P I don't think I have any really... I can't actually think of any, haha! ;3


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