book review :: shattered by teri terry (slated #3)

07 March 2014

Title: Shattered
Author: Teri Terry
Series: Slated #3
Publisher: Orchard Books
Publication Date: March 6th 2014
Pages: 402
Book: For Review*
Format: Paperback, Finished Copy
Genre: Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Romance, Psychological Thriller
Summary: The riveting finale of the Slated trilogy — a thought-provoking psychological thriller set in a disturbingly plausible future where the government and its enemies compete to control the minds of the young. Kyla is in danger from both the government Lorders who erased her memory and the terrorists who tried to use her. So now she’s on the run. Sporting a new identity and desperate to fill in the blank spaces of her life pre-Slating, Kyla heads to a remote mountain town to try to reunite with the birth mother she was kidnapped from as a child. There she is hoping all the pieces of her life will come together and she can finally take charge of her own future. But even in the idyllic wilderness and the heart of her original family, Kyla realizes there is no escape from the oppressive Lorders. Someone close to her may be one of them, and even more frighteningly, her birth mother has been keeping secrets of her own. - from goodreads
Where do I start with this book? Shattered, oh you were such a 'meh' read for me and I'm disappointed with myself for thinking that. I really really wanted to love this book. I did, but, well, this trilogy was a string of disappointments mixed with slight interest for me. I enjoyed the first book, there was no doubt about that, but by how much is a different matter. I read the second book because I wanted to see what would happen, and enjoyed Fractured a little more. I was slightly dubious about requesting this final book because I didn't know whether I should just leave it as an in concluded read or forge ahead and just see how it all ended.
quite a few times during the book
I'm glad I did request it, because a lot of questions I had had build up in my mind were answered, so in that respect I was satisfied. But the problem was, when I started reading Shattered I realized how little I remembered from the first two books. Yes, i remembered the basic happenings and names of main characters but that was it. Not a good sign although to be honest I wasn't surprised. If I can't remember what has happened in previous books in a series, chances are I wasn't really paying attention in the first place, or just read to be entertained, or to have something to do, not actually caring what happened.
Which brings me to another point. I didn't care what happened to the characters. Even if all of them had died I wouldn't have minded. Would have have happened in any other book I enjoyed? No. I would have had FEELS. That was the problem. i didn't feel anything for the characters, I was never able to connect to them in the first place so they were always two dimensional and imaginary, they didn't become a whole person, they didn't become real to me like so many other characters do.
me whenever Kyla made a really obvious mistake.
Lots of things happened in Shattered., as you would suspect in a concluding book for a sci-fi trilogy, but at the same time, nothing happened. There was practically action in every chapter, but at the same time it felt like it was all rehearsed. The book was written methodically, the characters felt like they were speaking lines in  play they had performed hundreds of times. Even the tense, life-threatening scenes that happened felt odd and clunky. It all felt like I could predict exactly what would happen next if I wanted to.
BUT, onto the good parts. As I mentioned before, I had a lot of questions running through my head during the first two books, and, thankfully, nearly all of them were answered.  I read the book in only two sittings, out of curiosity more than anything but, also, while I have sad quite a few bad things about this book (*whispers* sorry) Teri Terry has a knack for making you want to carry on reading no matter what you are reading, whether you are enjoying it or not. She has created a trilogy that while some people do not like, a LOT of people do love, and I can see that in the book. While I did not connect to it, that was me, not the entire population who has read this book. The plot - while not completely solid - was a well thought out one,
my overall thought of the book.
and very interesting to read. It was about politics, and power, and how some people will do anything to protect themselves while not caring a jot about others. The one character I really loved was Doctor Lysander, *spoiler* she was genuinely a nice person who, in the first book, we don't look up to rather favorably, but she sacrificed herself for 'the greater good' and in that way, gained my respect. *spoiler end* As Kyla said, "I know that both pain and joy are needed for life to grow." *spoiler* Doctor Lysander understood that, and tried to make up for the pain she had caused by saving other people's lives so they could experience joy in a new life, with a clean slate. *spoiler end* While definitely not one of my favourite reads, Shattered was a satisfactory ending to an action-packed trilogy, and although I will probably never re-read this series again, I'm glad I picked them up as I have been introduced to an author I had previously never heard of before and will definitely pick up her new books coming forward, in the hope that my less than amazing response to her debut novels will be changed by her new novels. My rating: 1/2
*thank you so much to Orchard Books for sending me this free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I always thought this series looked intriguing, but never intriguing enough for me to actually buy it or borrow it. You shouldn't be disappointed in yourself for not liking it! It's the book's fault...;P

    Don't think I'll read this series now that I've read your review. You're right, it seems very much like a 'meh' read.

    Lovely review, as always. I wish I had your writing talent. :P

    Da cabbehj of the skies

    1. so did i..until i read them. :P i meant they weren't BAD but..meh. OF COURSE IT ID.
      Ooops..but what if you find out you love it! I mean..I didn't like Monument 14 but you and Amber did...
      Thank you and heh what writing talent?
      the rabid fairy. ;)

  2. Right, first things first, please forgive me for not commenting in ages! I've been stressing over GCSEs and results (just did 25% of my English lit) and haven't had any time to comment on any blogs, let alone my favourites. :'(

    But moving on, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to pick this book up. Even though I really liked Slated – or, at least I liked the concept – Fractured fell flat for me. So if you think this one's a "meh" read then I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really enjoy it either. Oh well, at least it was a somewhat satisfactory ending for you.

    By the way, your use of gifs is just impeccable. ;)


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