50 Facts About Me: Tag

10 October 2013

  1. I am really bad at these sorts of things. but thank you Amber for tagging me!
  2. I love typing in all lowercase. but when i'm in the mood..CAPS LOCK FTW
  3. I cannot stand the feel of velvet.i just. EURGH.
  4. I am not allergic to anything. except...bad books..
  5. I'm 5ft nothing...#shortie4life
  6. I've been home-schooled my who life. Yes, my whole life. ;) BUT. I'm going to be starting college next year. NOOOOOOO.
  7. Public speaking is my biggest enemy
  8. Sleeping is probably my favourite hobby. (Besides reading. art, writing and sport). Consequently, my bed is my best friend...
  9. I am one of those stereotypical British tea drinkers...actually. Not so much. I only drink herbal tea...
  10. If i were to list all my favourite books and authors, my pen would run out.
  11. I AM TERRIBLE AT TAKING COMPLIMENTS. Praise me and i will turn bright red..(actually i don't think i blush but, you know, hypothetically..)
  12. I am a broke cabbage..(if you don't know what i mean you are obviously not cool..)
  13. I'm also a proud sloth...
  14. And a crayon, and obviously a unicorn..
  15. I hath NEVER been to a cinema, in my life.
  16. I love photography. A lot. So i really should get a proper camera, THAT ACTUALLY SWITCHES ON WHEN I PRESS THE POWER BUTTON. >.<
  17. I lurrvvee sports. However i quite horse-riding after one lesson..it wasn't for me..*whispers* the horse hated me...
  18. I have the best bloggy friends ever. Don't even try and deny it. ^_^
  19. I have obsessions..with..a lot of things...
  20. I love the name Ocean....I also love the ocean. However I have a fear of sharks...MOVING ON.
  21. I hate it when people don't speak in correct English.
  22. I am the worst mathematician this side of the UK..(actually, make that the whole of the UK..)
  23. I am a junior black belt in Ju-Jitsu..so DON'T MESS WITH ME. Muahahahah. ;P
  24. I love Irish, British, (and sometimes) Australian accents
  25. I absolutely hate travelling on planes. Ironically, i really want to travel the world.
  26. I have never understood why people think its cool to swagger around with their trousers basically pooling around their ankles..WHY WERE BELTS INVENTED? Oh that's right. To wear them...
  27. One day i want to put an unlit cigarette in my mouth and tell someone, 'it's a metaphor'.
  28. I am a perfectionist. In every way possible. If something isn't to the standard i want it..YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT I WILL DO.
  29. Failure is my biggest fear. And no. I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT. Gah..all you book bloggers think you're such good therapists....
  30. Some day i want to be a published author.
  31. I lead a secret life as a shadowhunter.
  32. I have survived The Hunger Games, twice. Don't believe me? WELL WHY IS PRESIDENT SNOW KNOCKING ON MY FRONT DOOR WITH A WHITE ROSE IN HIS HAND?!
  33. ....And i am a fully fledged witch.
  34. But I hide this behind the passive face of a mundane/muggle. (take your pick - i prefer mundie.)
  35. Can you tell i'm trying to use up as many points as possible even though i could have put all of the above four into one? -_-
  36. I used to do gymnastics when i was little, but stopped when i was 8. Now I can no longer do the splits..*sobs*
  37. I have had 11 teeth out all together. It. Was. Painful.
  38. I am pretty good with pain. Thankfully. 
  39. #BraceFaceAlert
  40. I have ever taken public transport alone. So i am dreading the day when I do, because I will probably get lost...Probably? I WILL get lost..(anyone want to offer to drive me to school?!)
  41. I am really bad with directions. One of the reasons being: whenever i am in the car going somewhere i'm always reading, so i never know how to get places because i wasn't paying attention.
  42. Following on from that: I don't get travel sick, and i love reading in the car, (other than my bed that's probably the other of my favourite places to read.)..I pity all of you who can't..;P
  43. I blame books for ALL THE FAILINGS IN MY LIFE.
  44. I actually really really disliked the first Harry Potter book. I still do. It's the only one of them i have never re-read..*cowers* don't kill me!..
  45. I may or may not have a fear of enclosed spaces....GET THAT BOX AWAY FROM ME!
  46. I have run out of facts about me..
  47. EXPECTO PATRONUM *unicorn materializes out of my wand and takes a message to the creator of this tag: "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE SO MANY POINTS"
  48. *I hear a knock at the door*. Mr Dursley shouts: "NO POST ON SUNDAYS. WHO IS IT?" (it's a Sunday while writing this). *I open the door* A wizard stands there: "I have come to arrest you for using magic outside of school"
  49. Sugar Cookies.
  50. "Can i just pack a few bottles of Pringles to take with me to Azkaban?"
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And sorry if you've already been tagged...double tagged means you HAVE TO DO IT NO EXCUSES. ;P


  1. Did you make the header for this post yourself? It looks amazing! What program did you use?
    11. Same ;)
    15. Really!!??
    44. I actually haven't even read any of the Harry Potter books! Eeeek, I need to read it soon otherwise, I SHALL DIE.
    46. Not a problem, when I did this tag, I was saying that like 5 times during the content...

  2. This post was hilarious! Loved reading it...and it's midnight so, be grateful! ;)
    Won't you HAVE to go to see The Fault in Our Stars though? Nobody can wait for that!
    FAILURE IS MY BIGGEST FEAR TOO! I don't know what it is, or why I do this, but I always put WAY too much pressure on myself!
    Sophie x

  3. Ahhh Hawwa you make me laugh so much! :')

    YAY FOR LOVING SPORTS AND DRINKING TEA AND BEING AWESOME WOOOHOOOO! On that note, I did do the tag so here you go: http://feedmebooksnow.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/50-facts-about-me-tag.html

  4. 8.- My bed doesn't know about my other friends
    11.- It's hard sometimes =/
    12.- I am not cool then
    26.- The importance of belts!!! I wish there was a belt ninja, putting belts on those their pants don't fit right.
    44. For me it's the second book, I suspect we mutually dislike each other.

  5. YOU HATH NEVER BEEN TO A CINEMA IN YOUR ENTIREEEEE LIFE?! WH-WH-WHATTTT?! It's the best place EVER! You must go! YOU MUST! Don't make me run down to your house, abduct you and strap you to one of those uncomfy (is uncomfy not a word? :3) cinema seats. Cause you know I'll do it! *laughs menacingly* Don't worry, I shall bring you Reached too, so maybe you won't call the police on me for seeming like a stalker? *shifts nervously*

    How could you not love horse riding?! It's the bestest thing EVER! Don't worry, all the horse will do if you annoy it is buck, rear, take off... So, really, you're fine. ;P


    Uhh, excuse me. ;)

    Failure is not my biggest fear. I ain't afraid of nothin'! (except spiders, maybe) :P I still don't believe you've never been to the cinema. This is unacceptable for a teenage crayon like yourself. YOU DISLIKED THE FIRST HARRY POTTER BOOK?!? HOW DARE YOU, YOU LITTLE... oh wait I haven't even read it what.

    Great post! :D




    11 teeth???? Fellow Brace Face!!!
    You can't be the worst mathematician in the whole of the UK, afraid I beat you to it!
    Public transport is the BEST to people watch, people are crazy I TELL YOU.
    I'm jealous that you're a fully fledged witch. How can I join? Is there some kind of special thing you need to get in, I have a cauldron GOSHDANGIT, isn't that enough?!
    Thanks for tagging meee :D, you rock. Although now I know you're short, I shall be making fun of you forever. MUAHAHAHAHHAAHAAA...*coughs*

  8. YAY for Broke Cabbages!! How have you never been to a cinema?! I'm not keen on the 1st HP either... If I get time to reread I jump straight to Order of the Phoneix (Phoniex? Idk -_-). *guilty face* Photography for the win! And book bloggy friends :)

    Anyway, awesomely awesome facts! :)

    Charli x

  9. It was lovely reading you. This post I mean. You are funny!
    Iulia xo


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