Doorstep Delights #3

13 August 2013

it's been a two weeks since my last book haul and i already have 20 more books. yup. 20. i don't really know what happened. all i know is my postman is now clued in on the whole reviewing thing because a few days ago he handed over about 6 packages (in ONE day) and just looked at me like, who is this girl and what the heck is she doing. anyway. onto the good stuff..mostly all of my books were for review but i had my Eid celebration a week ago and i got a book voucher for Waterstones as one of my presents (people know me so well..;p) so i went on the weekend. and then. because i couldn't help it. i dropped by The Works on the way home and got another book because they had a sale on. Finally. SHOCK HORROR. I won something!
*Thank you so much to Random House, Alma Books, Chicken House, Walker Books, Harper Collins, Egmont UK and Templar.
pea ess. I'm so sorry about my lack of reviews. I've been busy with Ramadan then Eid and MY AWFUL BRACES. But hopefully my 'normal' schedule should resume soon. Honestly. Two book hauls back to back. So not good!


  1. Wow!!! Awesome! I won Mila 2.0 and The Testing. Looking forward to your thoughts on those in particular! ;)

  2. Your book hauls are AMAZING. I'm so jealous of More Than This because they wouldnt give me a copy :( Drummer Girl too looks amazing! I really want to read Butter too. Good luck finding time to read them all!! :P

  3. I almost thought this was the same post that I'd already read and then realised in amazement that you had even MORE books. :D They all look so good! Stolen and The Diviners are two of my favourites. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Lucy Christopher's new one too. Enjoy! :D

  4. WOWZERS!! 20 books?! Haha I can imagine the befuddled look on your postman's face XD Poor him, being made to carry all these books to deliver to you! He probably wishes you'd move house to a place outside of the area he works in XD

    I've only read Stolen and The Forsaken out of your haul but I loved them both! Happy reading :D

  5. Ooh, so MANY! I would like to read Butter :)


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